Summer Time Fun is Here!
School is ending, temperatures are rising and the dog days of Summer are FINALLY here! What better place to spend a summer vacation than right here in Cozumel so get those tickets booked and come on down!!
We send our heartfelt thanks to all of you who use and recommend COZUMELINSIDER for your Summer vacation planning. We appreciate your business and wish for you a most glorious and totally excellent Summer! ~ Sherri & Mauricio ~

Spectacular Ocean View Condo!
This newly remodeled condo located ON beachfront street boasts a spectacular ocean view and it's only 50 yards from Mega Grocery store and the IRONMAN race finishline! Includes StreetSide balcony for superb Cozumel Carnaval parade viewing!

IslaMar Oceanview Condo # 2WM Melgar 1BR/1Bath Vacation Rental
Self-Catering Accommodations
IslaMar Vacation Villas located in the heart of historic Midtown District. Now with WI-FI throughout the complex!
Owner/Operator Sherri Davis says "Thank You" to our many valued customers for over 25 years of continuous operation!
*For arrivals 7/15/2024 - 10/31/2024
Incredible 6 Hour/60 Mile Adventure!
See more on this tour than some see in a lifetime of visiting Cozumel!
Snorkel & Relax @ Patas & Alas Butterfly Sanctuary
Cozumel's Complete, Private Island Jeep & Snorkel Tour
Secrets to Getting Around Cozumel
Let us tell you the secrets with our link to car rentals and information about taxis, buses, the ferry and airlines.
Rentadora ISIS Car Rentals - NO HIDDEN CHARGES!
The Cozumel Community
For locals and visitors alike, Cozumel Volunteer Connection (CVC) was created as an information resource for the Foreign Community visiting and living on the island. CVC is active in many local charities and events including the Blood Donor Registry, Chrysalis Group, Turtle Salvation Volunteer Program, Humane Society, Cozumel Lifesaving & Aquatic Rescue Program and much more!
More Value for Your Vacation!
Currency Calculator: Exchange Rates for Today
Currency Calculator: Exchange Rates for Today
Cozumel Weather & Sea Conditions
  • Weather Report
  • Water Conditions
  • Hurricane Bulletins
    We keep the information up-to-date on a daily basis with info collected from local divemasters!
  • Weekly Cruise Ship Schedule
    Click here for Cruise Ship Arrival Info!
    Sea Temperature Now!
    Sea water temperature
    Hey! ... What's Happening at the Beach?
    What's happening right now at the beach? Check out our Cozumel WEBCAM at PalMar SMALL Beach Club!
    Live Webcam Image 1:39AM (EST) Sunday, Jul 14
    Throughout the year, the water is beautiful around Cozumel and this webcam shot illustrates just that! And we always have something fun happening out here at the beach! Make plans to visit and snorkel yourself! See PalMar Beach
    Gorgeous Ocean View Condo!
    This newly remodeled condo located ON beachfront street boasts a spectacular ocean view and it's only 50 yards from the IRONMAN race finishline and Mega Grocery store! Includes Street Side balcony for superb Cozumel Carnaval parade viewing!

    IslaMar Oceanview Condo # 3WM Melgar 1BR/1Bath Holiday Rental
    Vacation Rental Deals!
    Relax and enjoy an island living experience in this spacious 1BR/1 Bath apartment perfect for 2 people. Centrally located in a regular neighborhood just outside of the tourist zone, you can live like a local or walk downtown to be amongst the tourists frequenting the island.

    IslaMar Vacation Villa #6 West 1BR/1Bath Holiday Rental
    Natural Habitat for Wildlife Observation!
    Enjoy miles of unspoiled natural habitat and beach on Cozumel's southern tip of the island.
    Cozumel Punta Sur Lighthouse
    Punta Sur Eco Beach Park & Lighthouse
    Fishing Anyone?
    Fishing Charters - Fish Pictures - Charts - Book Now!
    Cozumel Fishing Expeditions are are somthing that the whole family could enjoy!
    Natural Habitat for Wildlife Observation!
    Enjoy miles of unspoiled natural habitat and beach on Cozumel's southern tip of the island.
    Cozumel Punta Sur Lighthouse
    Punta Sur Eco Beach Park & Lighthouse
    Perspectives from Cozumel Insiders
    Freelance writers & photographers C.J. Gustafson and Fox Hill both share a passion for Cozumel. CJ travels to the island as often as possible while Fox actually lives on the island. Both colorful writers describe their adventures and inside secrets of Cozumel! Visit Spicy Travels, Photographing Cozumel for CJ's island travel tips/adventures and Fox Hill's Cozumel for island living experiences and perspectives.
    Weekly NEWS & Events
    Island NEWS In English. We choose and translate selected weekly news articles that we think may be of interest to our English speaking residents and visitors!

    Top News Stories for week Jul 8

    Cozumel Arrivals: 19 Ships this Week
    Cozumel Participates In Texas International Market Of Magic Towns
    Lobster Season Officially Begins For Quintana Roo Fishermen
    Hey! ... What's Happening in Cozumel?
    What's happening right now? Check out our Cozumel WEBCAM!
    Live Webcam Image 2:07PM (EST) Monday, Jun 17
    Throughout the year, from Monthly Museum Events, to our world famous Cozumel Carnaval, Independence Day and Ironman you can plan your Cozumel vacation around our annual Calendar of Events. We always have something fun happening here on the island!
    Spectacular !!!

    Watch this Space for Official 2025 Dates !!!

    Anticipated 2025 Dates: February 26 - March 5, 2025

    Carnaval 2024 - Celebrating 150 Years of Tradition!Carnaval 2024 events have officially ended! If you missed this year, reserve early to get the best hotel, condo or vacation rental for next year! Music, Food, Dancing in the Streets, Parades ... all non-stop excitement! Combined with diving and all sorts of other island and mainland adventures during the day, it simply can't be topped!

    Cozumel Insider has the ORIGINAL, biggest and best archive of Carnaval Photos available spanning over a decade!

    Check out the Carnaval 2020 Photos to see all the fun!

    Or for up to the minute photo postings visit our Cozumel Carnaval Facebook Page!
    Fantastic Snorkeling!
    Cozumel SnorkelingCome read all about Cozumel Snorkeling! Unbelieveably clear, warm water reefs - known to be the best in the world!
    A taste of Argentina!
    Step off the well worn path of Cozumel's downtown plaza area and venture a couple of blocks away to experience a refreshing taste of Argentinian cuisine in the tropics. Known around the globe for their beef, this quaint cafe with an outdoor brick grill doesn't disappoint in delivering flavorful, tender meats Argentina style and incredible side dishes that compliment. Excellent wine selection, too!

    Al Pie del Carbon Restaurant
    A Hotbed of Activities!
    Top 5 Cozumel Tours!

    Private Charter Vans $300
    Swim with Dolphins $149
    Private Charter Island & Tequila Tour $ 75
    Electric Bike Punta Sur $ 89
    ATV Jungle Adventure $ 59

    Giant Sea Turtles
    Long before the first diver set fin in Cozumel, Giant Sea Turtles have made their way to the beaches year after year. Learn more about the Turtle Salvation Program
    A Personal Note from Sherri "Welcome to 2024 !!"
    Sherri Davis - CozumelInsider Owner/Operator Happy New Year everyone! Gathering with friends and family during the holidays and sharing so many good times fills our hearts with love that sometimes is taken for granted. Nothing is a "given" in life so bask in all that love, soak it in and then try to share it with others throughout the year. I sincerely hope that 2024 will bring us all more peace and joy in our lives. So as we start this new year with great hope, be kind, be grateful and be compassionate ~ to others, to animals, to our planet. These are all we really have in this life! I wish nothing but the best for each of you in 2024!!

    JANUARY 2024 UPDATE: Well I personally didn't have the greatest beginning to 2024 since the day I was set to return to Cozumel from the holidays, I ended up in the ER with one thing leading to another and culminating with an emergency surgical procedure. I'll spare the details of course but it was my first personal hospital experience since being 6 years old so I came away from it a changed person! Changed in that I have a newly invigorated respect for 1) our healthcare professionals and medical system in the US 2) our health being of supreme importance ~ without it, things are much more difficult! I'm on the recovery road now and should have no lasting effects from my medical incident but it's been a long while since I felt so vulnerable and unable to "fix" something for myself. I'm grateful for the care I received from so many extremely competent doctors and nurses. I hope the rest of the year is uneventful for me!!

    FEBRUARY 2024 UPDATE: Celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year, Cozumel Carnaval was upon us quickly! Pre-Carnaval events got underway in January as I was in recovery mode and in early February Carnaval Week kicked off with the Coronation of all the Royal Court for 2024. Once the Royal Court was in place, it was a week filled with costumes, dancing, concerts, competitions and parades that culminated on Fat Tuesday with the most floats and participants. We were blessed again this year to be invited aboard the parade float of another long time Carnaval krewe so it was fun times all around! Our February weather this year was spectacular with beautiful sunny days and fresh crisp evenings perfect for just wandering around and taking in the sites of the island. Let's hope Spring continues with more great weather for travelers to enjoy!

    MARCH 2024 UPDATE: Goodness ~ it seems we had our own version of "March Madness" here on the island this year what with a bumper crop of flights and cruise ships arriving weekly plus hotels and restaurants filled to the brim with travelers on Spring or Easter break! It's just been crazy busy for everyone and almost harkens back to the "pre-COVID" era although I dare not say it out loud for fear of a jinx! Our weather has just been just amazing this year so fortunately in addition to taking care of our vacation rental guests, we've been able to knock out many, many pending construction, repair and maintenance projects that sort of got suspended last Fall as the prime hurricane risk window rolled around. I am grateful to have a lot of these things behind us and our crew has done an incredible job but in general I'm just sick of paint splatters!! LOL!! Oh everyone has been super careful when doing things but it's just inevitable really as much as we paint around here! It's a never ending thing! So if you missed being down here on Easter Break then get busy planning you a Summer trip before all the good airfares are gone!!

    JUNE 2024 UPDATE: By now school has ended and graduations are complete (or almost) so attention can be turned to the next Summer vacation. Cozumel's Spring was beautiful and sunny and exactly in line with traveler's expectations. We received very little rain at all in March and then none in April or May! It's been extraordinarily, extremely hot and dry now for going into 4 months so our tropical foliage has suffered all over the island! So if you're expecting lush green tropical jungle all around (like normal), don't be shocked as you arrive to see literally everything burnt to a crispy, crackly brown!! Trees have lost most of their leaves and what are left are dead or dying so for once it's really easy to see "back into" what normally is dense, lush jungle. All that being said, our guests are still elated to be here and enjoying the wonderful tropical sunshine! You should be here too!!
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