Happy New Year 2022!

New Year's Resolution #1:
Escape this cold winter for a warm, tropical Cozumel vacation!

Seems 2021 will be a year remembered for recovery as everyone attempted to return to some form of normalcy! But for us, 2021 was amazing thanks to the courage and patience of all of the travelers who braved the waters and the skies in order to get to Cozumel for a vacation and help our little economy get back on its feet!
As we TURN THE PAGE on this incredible year, please know we appreciate your business and wish you all the best for an incredible 2022 and hope to see / meet you here in Cozumel soon!
Sherri & Mauricio
Self-Catering Accommodations
IslaMar Vacation Villas located in the heart of historic Midtown District. Now with WI-FI throughout the complex!
Owner/Operator Sherri Davis says "Thank You" to our many valued customers for over 20 years of continuous operation!
*For arrivals 7/15/2019 - 10/31/2020
Incredible 6 Hour/60 Mile Adventure!
See more on this tour than some see in a lifetime of visiting Cozumel!
Snorkel & Relax @ Patas & Alas Butterfly Sanctuary
Cozumel's Complete, Private Island Jeep & Snorkel Tour
Secrets to Getting Around Cozumel
Let us tell you the secrets with our link to car rentals and information about taxis, buses, the ferry and airlines.
Rentadora ISIS Car Rentals - NO HIDDEN CHARGES!
Great Value ~ "Local" Operator!
Providing good quality rental cars at great prices for over 20 years, BoneFish Rentals (formerly LESS PAY) is an island favorite!
Have Fun in a Great Traditional Style VW's!!
BoneFish Car Rental Cozumel - VW Convertible (4 Pax)
The Cozumel Community
For locals and visitors alike, Cozumel Volunteer Connection (CVC) was created as an information resource for the Foreign Community visiting and living on the island. CVC is active in many local charities and events including the Blood Donor Registry, Chrysalis Group, Turtle Salvation Volunteer Program, Humane Society, Cozumel Lifesaving & Aquatic Rescue Program and much more!
Swim with the Dolphins
For those disembarking in Costa Maya, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Calica or crossing over to Cozumel we have dolphin specials you will find no where else! Check the Tours & Activities pages for your location and reserve now.

Book Your Dolphin Swim, Encounter, Swim Adventure or Scuba as well as Sea Lions & Manatees right here with us at any location ~ same price as direct booking! Plus
Book Your Cozumel Dolphin Activity with us now for FREE Chankanaab Park entry, lunch buffet & 2 beverages all included in price!!
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Weekly Cruise Ship Schedule
Click here for Cruise Ship Arrival Info!
Sea Temperature Now!
Sea water temperature
Hey! ... What's Happening at the Beach?
What's happening right now at the beach? Check out our Cozumel WEBCAM at PalMar SMALL Beach Club!
Live Webcam Image 11:40PM (EST) Saturday, Dec 18
Throughout the year, the water is beautiful around Cozumel and this webcam shot illustrates just that! And we always have something fun happening out here at the beach! Make plans to visit and snorkel yourself! See PalMar Beach
Fishing Anyone?
Fishing Charters - Fish Pictures - Charts - Book Now!
Cozumel Fishing Expeditions are are somthing that the whole family could enjoy!
Back by Popular Demand! Reserve Now-Limited Space!
Join in the fun with these entertaining and affectionate creatures - give and receive a sea lion kiss (watch out for those whiskers - they tickle!), pet them, watch them jump over you, and be prepared to laugh at their amazing sense of humor!.
Dolphin Discovery Sea Lions Reserve online here!
Cozumel Sea Lion Discovery
Want Away from the Crowds? This is it!
The cruiser beaches all pay incentives to taxi drivers and tour providers to stop at their locations all along the new highway route but many small beach operators can't afford these premiums and get little traffic. Located just minutes from downtown and the ship piers but on the OLD beachfront highway, PalMar Beach offers excellent snorkeling and a beautiful fresh water pool! Gates close after 50 people ~ reservations a must! So go & relax away from the crowds!!!
  • Great Coupon Special Offer !!
  • FREE WI-FI !!
    Just another great day at PalMar Beach Club in Coz
    PalMar Snorkel Beach Club
  • Perspectives from Cozumel Insiders
    Freelance writers & photographers C.J. Gustafson and Fox Hill both share a passion for Cozumel. CJ travels to the island as often as possible while Fox actually lives on the island. Both colorful writers describe their adventures and inside secrets of Cozumel! Visit Spicy Travels, Photographing Cozumel for CJ's island travel tips/adventures and Fox Hill's Cozumel for island living experiences and perspectives.
    Cozumel Weather & Sea Conditions
  • Weather Report
  • Water Conditions
  • Hurricane Bulletins
    We keep the information up-to-date on a daily basis with info collected from local divemasters!
  • Chankanaab Park $2 Entrance Discount Coupon
    Download and Print $2 off discount coupon on Entrance to Chankanaab Park! Chankanaab Coupon (PDF Format)
    Free Swim with Manatees!
    Reserve Dolphin Royal Swim or Swim Adventure Programs and swim with Dolphin Discovery Manatee  Encounter!
    MANATEES FREE for 15 Minutes! At least 8 day advance purchase required and is available in conjunction with "EARLYBOOK" promos!
    Book & check the FREE MANATEE 15 box on the res form!
    Weekly NEWS & Events
    Island NEWS In English. We choose and translate selected weekly news articles that we think may be of interest to our English speaking residents and visitors!

    Top News Stories for week Jan 17

    Cozumel Arrivals: 22 Ships this Week
    Cozumel Carnaval 2022 Dates POSTPONED
    Royan Caribbean Cancels Cruises To Cozumel Due To Rise In Covid-19 Infections
    Hey! ... What's Happening in Cozumel?
    What's happening right now? Check out our Cozumel WEBCAM!
    Live Webcam Image 1:31PM (EST) Friday, Jan 21
    Throughout the year, from Monthly Museum Events, to our world famous Cozumel Carnaval, Independence Day and Ironman you can plan your Cozumel vacation around our annual Calendar of Events. We always have something fun happening here on the island!
    Don't Miss It !!!
    On January 11 Events **POSTPONED**
    February 23 - March 2, 2022
    Carnaval 2022 - Be Here!Via a press conference held in November, Carnaval 2022 Dates are official! Book early to get the best lodging! Music, Food, Dancing in the Streets, Parades ... all non-stop excitement! Combined with diving and all sorts of other island and mainland adventures during the day, it can't be topped!

    Cozumel Insider has the biggest, longest running and best archive of Carnaval Photos Available!

    Check out our Carnaval 2020 Photos to see all the fun you'll be missing!

    Or for up to the minute photo postings visit our Cozumel Carnaval Facebook Page!
    Fantastic Snorkeling!
    Cozumel SnorkelingCome read all about Cozumel Snorkeling! Unbelieveably clear, warm water reefs - known to be the best in the world!
    Delicious Breakfast & Lunch Specials!
    Sit down to fresh made bread & doughnuts even before you order! Join owner/operator Rene in her delightful open air garden style restaurant for coffee and breakfast at very reasonable prices! THE place to be for breakfast on the island!
    Welcome to Island Cozumel Restaurant & Bar!
    Islander Cozumel Restaurant & Bar
    Dolphins - SAVE 25% !!
    Reserve ANY COZUMEL dolphin activity via INSIDER website
    SUSPENDED 2021 Discounts~

    A Hotbed of Activities!
    Top 5 Cozumel Tours!

    Private Charter Vans $300
    Swim with Dolphins $149
    Private Charter Island & Tequila Tour $ 75
    Electric Bike Punta Sur $ 89
    ATV Jungle Adventure $ 59

    Giant Sea Turtles
    Long before the first diver set fin in Cozumel, Giant Sea Turtles have made their way to the beaches year after year. Learn more about the Turtle Salvation Program
    Spectacular Day Trip ~ Incredible Value!
    Save $$ by getting yourself across on the ferry to Playa del Carmen and meeting up with the tour there! Learn about the ancient Mayan culture at Chichen Itza's enormous ruin site. An educational tour suitable for the entire family!
    So much ancient Mayan history here!
    Riviera Maya - Chichen Itza Classic
    A Personal Note from Sherri "Welcome to 2022 !!"
    Sherri Davis - CozumelInsider Owner/Operator Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday celebration during December with family and friends and that you were able to ring in the new year with vigor and gusto! As one year ends and another begins, it’s always a time of reflection for everyone and in some ways I think more meaningful since the pandemic. All of us have had to learn to deal with the very real possibility of our own demise as well as endure the loss of so many family and friends dear to us from an illness thrust upon us by no doing of our own. The stress and anxiety of the situation has caused family and friends to literally turn against each other in fear. People seem to be on a short fuse these days not even able to make it through a 2 hour flight somewhere without an emotional meltdown of some sort. I sincerely hope that 2022 will bring us all more peace and joy in our lives. As family, friends and communities we have to begin to set our fears aside and reach out to each other ~ safely of course! Yes, survival is everything….it’s the ONLY thing really that occupies us all right now but if you alone survive, what good will that do?! It takes a village!! So as we start this new year with great hope, be kind, be grateful and be compassionate ~ to others, to animals, to our planet. These are all we really have in this life! I wish nothing but the best for each of you in 2022!!

    JANUARY 2022 UPDATE: While tourism has improved somewhat on the island with more flights coming in for the Winter season, the new covid variant Omicron is working its way around the world wreaking havoc everywhere it goes with Cozumel being no exception. As mentioned before, Cozumel has continued throughout the entire pandemic to observe social distancing, used facemasks and hand sanitizer as well as perform temperature checks on everyone before they enter ANY retail establishment. As a result, Cozumel remained an area of low infection rate for months and months. However now that islanders have mixed and mingled with outside family during the holidays and ramped up tourism has people arriving from all over the place ~ vaxxed and unvaxxed ~ the covid variant Omicron has migrated here. To err on the side of caution, many businesses have closed for a week or so if one of their employees catches it but these closures are just temporary “few day” events. Schools have gone virtual again part time and then on January 11, 2022 the Presidenta of Cozumel announced that Cozumel Carnaval 2022 scheduled for the last week of February has now been postponed. New dates for Carnaval 2022 will be posted when available.
    Check Out Sherri's Previous Writings!
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