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Zwick's Cozumel Chart (Island Map)
The original hand drawn and historic reference chart of Cozumel Island is back and available only through Cozumelinsider.

The first edition of this beautiful masterpiece was originally published in 1983 (it was later copied and sold by the Cozumel Museum). Many long time residents of the island own a first edition copy of this chart and have it framed and hanging in their homes or offices.

While displayed in the Cozumelinsider office for the past ten (10) years, countless visitors have asked how and where they could obtain this print but sadly there were no options to offer because the chart had been out of print for so long.

By popular demand the artist and author, Peter Zwick, has updated the chart and now the revised version has been printed and is for sale. This hand drawn chart is loaded with historic information that Zwick has collected throughout his thirty years of exploring and researching Cozumel.

A MUST HAVE item for those who hold Cozumel near and dear to the heart!

The chart measures 24 X 36 inches, is printed on parchment paper and is suitable for framing.

There are only a limited number of these revised charts available for purchase and they will not be sold or distributed via any other means.

The chart is only available for pick up in the Cozumelinsider office via this online order form.

Order now to reserve your copy of this LIMITED item!

Item Specifics

Name: Zwick's Cozumel Chart (Island Map)
Pricing: US$ 35
Prepayment instructions will follow order submission
Shipping & Handling: Not Available
Prepaid Items are held for pick up in Cozumelinsider office on Melgar.
Order confirmation will contain complete instructions on pick up.

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