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Planning Your Vacation
Getting to Cozumel
    Fly directly into Cozumel Airport

    US/Canada Carriers Flying Direct into Cozumel Airport: American Airlines, United (Continental) Airlines, Delta, US Airways, Mexicana, Sun Country, MLT Worry Free Vacation Charters, FunJet Charters and Adventure Tours Charters.

    Mexico Carriers Flying Direct into Cozumel Airport: Interjet, Volaris & MayaAir

    Sometimes it can be less expensive and faster to fly into Mexico elsewhere and then switch to a Mexican airline to fly into Cozumel. For example, those on the west coast of the U.S. might find better airfares to Mexico City and then switching to a domestic Mexican airline to get across the country to Cozumel.

    Fly into Cancun and then taxi/ferry or fly over to Cozumel

    Most major airlines now fly into Cancun Airport. A list of airline carriers serving Cancun is provided in the
    Over There - Cancun section

    Arrive by Cruise Ship

    There are many cruise lines that now stop at one of Cozumel's 3 cruise ship piers including Carnival, Celebrity, Disney, Holland America, NCL, P&O Cruises & Royal Caribbean.
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Travel Documentation - Passports and Important Paperwork

Homeland Security Impact on Travel

On November 19, 2001 the US President signed into law the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA) which among other things established a new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) within the Department of Transportation. This Act established a series of challenging but critically important milestones toward achieving a secure air travel system.

The TSA website is very informative. Here you will find everything you need to know about new airport security measures. You will discover a list of timesaving tips, information on assistance for special needs, the latest list of prohibited and permitted items as well as other information that will help guide you smoothly through the security process.
Passport is required now for all US travelers!

Citizenship Documentation
Due to law changes and initiatives attempting to increase national security, PASSPORTS ARE NOW REQUIRED of all US travelers.

Proof of citizenship is the most important thing to have in any foreign country. With proof, a person has some rights; without it, the first priority must be to PROVE identity and nationality.…not get assistance with a problem! Please make a PASSPORT COPY to carry while out and about on vacation and keep the original with other valuables.

The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA) is what mandated that the U.S. Secretaries of Homeland Security and State Development implement a plan to require U.S. citizens and foreign nationals to present a passport or other appropriate secure identity and citizenship documentation when entering the United States. As a result of this legislation mandate, the two agencies developed a plan called the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) which was announced in April 2005.

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) required all travelers entering or re-entering the United States from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama, Canada & Mexico to have a passport or other accepted secure document that establishes a traveler's identity and nationality to enter or re-enter the U.S.

This WHTI initiative was rolled out in phases providing as much advance notice as possible to the affected public to enable them to meet the terms of the new guidelines.

December 31, 2005
- Requirement applied to all travel (air/sea) to/ from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Central & S. America.

December 31, 2006 - Requirement extended to all air and sea travel to or from Mexico and Canada.
December 31, 2006 - Requirement extended to all air, sea and land border crossings.
February 15, 2008 - Passport requirement for travel strictly enforced.

Passport applicants should allow sufficient time to apply and receive passports in advance of travel.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for routine processing of passport applications.
Peak U.S. passport processing is between January and July. For faster service, it is recommended to apply between August and December.

For more information about obtaining a US PASSPORT visit or or call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778; TDD/TTY: 1-888-874-7793

On board the aircraft, passengers will be given an Immigration form and a Customs/Agriculture form to complete. Do yourself and everyone else in line a favor and complete the form in advance and accurately in order to speed up the entry process. Please check the FRONT & BACK OF EACH FORM because both Immigration and Customs forms require some passenger information on BOTH SIDES.

Typical vacation timeframes are 1 - 2 weeks so this is the "standard" approval time given on Temporary Visa Applications in Mexico. However, if you intend to stay longer than 1-2 weeks in Mexico, be sure to advise the Immigration Officer as he BEGINS his review of your documents. Mexican Immigration law allows vistors (not workers) to stay up to 6 months continuously without leaving the country or making further application for approaval. It is important to ask at the airport upon arrival for the approprate Temporary Visa timeframe required because extensions require a visit to the Immigration Office and payment of Visa Extension Fees.
Traveling with Minor Children
Extra documens are needed now for kiddos!
Traveling with Minor Children between the USA and Mexico - The following message was issued by the U.S. Consular Office in Merida on November 26th, 2004 and pertains to the travel of minor children between the U.S. and Mexico. The information was adapted from two recent notices they received, one from the Department of State in Washington (regarding parental consent for passport applications for minors) and the other from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City (regarding travel authorization letters for minors traveling with only one parent or another authorized person). This is not a major departure from policies which have been in place for the past year or so, but just a reminder of things to consider when traveling with minor children.

Please note that the second announcement, regarding permission letters, pertains to requirements imposed by the airlines themselves, and does not clearly state what age defines a "minor child". Therefore, to be on the safe side, it is best to contact the airline in advance and err on the side of age 21 and under and being a "minor". As always, please email the Consulate using or contact the U.S. Consulate in Merida, Mexico, if you have any further questions.

Regarding Travel Permission Letters for Minor Children - The Government of Mexico, Interior Secretariat, Regulation of the General Law of Population (Article 215), requires that minors who will not be accompanied by one or both of their parents or legal guardians, have in their possession an original written permission form signed by the non-traveling parent(s), and notarized.

Be sure you have current travel docs for kiddos!Both the U. S. and Mexican governments require that minor children have the written and notarized approval of both parents or legal guardians in order to obtain a passport for international travel. Parents must make sure to obtain the appropriate permission when one or both of the parents is not traveling with the child. Airline carriers require the written and notarized permission from the non-traveling parent(s) in order to allow the child to board the plane. Some carriers require that the signed statement be notarized within 30 days of the travel. Other companies require that the permission be dated within six months. It is always best to confirm the exact policy with the airline directly via their internet website or public information number or with a travel agent prior to international travel.

Parents are strongly encouraged to have an original permission form prepared for each child so that in the event of emergency or unanticipated travel alone or with only one parent, the child is able to travel internationally without delay.

Become Part of the US Trusted Traveler Program

Tired of long Immigration lines and missed flight connections when returning to the US from foreign travel?

Forget the long lines with GOES! If the thought of those long immigration lines or missed flight connections are holding you back from foreign travel, consider applying for the GOES Trusted traveler program. This 5 year pilot program gives approved travellers a direct ticket to the automated "fast lane" kiosk at the Immigration checkpoints of most major US airports.

Global Entry is a new pilot program managed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection which allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers expedited clearance upon arrival into the United States. Participants enter the United States by utilizing automated kiosks located, at designated airports. Although the program is intended for “frequent travelers” who make several international trips per year, there is no minimum number of trips an applicant must make in order to qualify. Participants may enter the United States by utilizing these automated kiosks located, at most all major airports now and seldom is there ever a line or delay in clearing Immigration.

In addition to more rapid Immigration clearance, another benefit of the trusted traveler program is the expedited Customs clearance line for the luggage of participants upon returning to the USA from abroad. Trusted traveler participants also enjoy a seperate airport security screening clearance line when departing on DOMESTIC flights.

GOES is your ticket to US Immigration Are the Benefits of Global Entry?

  • Bypass the traditional passport control line.
  • No more filling out a paper customs declaration form.
  • Expedited exit process.
  • Mutual benefits with other countries.
  • Conveniently located at airports throughout the country.
  • Cross the border with a minimum of customs and immigration questioning.
  • Bypass the traditional Customs luggage clearance line
  • Bypass the traditional Airport Security Screening line on DOMESTIC flights

    Global Entry allows applicants to complete a single application and pay one fee. This form can be submitted online via the Global Online Enrollment System (GOES. Qualified applicants are required to come to a Global Entry Enrollment Center, for an interview). Global Entry allows United States border agencies to concentrate their efforts on potentially higher-risk travelers and goods, which helps to ensure the security and integrity of our borders.

    For more information about the GOES program visit THEIR WEBSITE.

    What to Bring
    What baggage weight limits?!Pack Light for Cozumel - With reduced luggage limits on most flights these days and overweight bag fees doubling, just packing a suitcase properly can save you money on your vacation. Take advantage of Cozumel's tropical, casual ambiance and simply pack less clothing. Chances are you won't be wearing much while here anyway!

    It's always difficult to know what things to take and what to leave behind when traveling. Some travelers swear by the "pack twice" method whereby you pack everything you think you'll need. Then go back and remove half of the items. This method not only ensures that you'll be under the baggage weight limits but also leaves room for those bargain purchases!

    All else fails ~ use Mexican Sunblock!
    Clothing - The climate in Cozumel is typically tropical so alot of heavy fabric clothing just isn't necessary and will in fact be somewhat uncomfortable most of the year. Tropical means warm and humid so bring light airy comfortable clothing and footwear. Dress is casual in the tropics by necessity. However, despite what some travelers actually do, it is actually more proper and respectful form to dine/shop in the city fully clothed. Bathing suits are acceptable attire anywhere you go so long as a cover-up is worn as well.

    Sunscreen & Insect Repellent - Don't forget to pack these items because the lack of or improper use of these two items cause a vast majority of traveler discomforts! Cozumel's tropical sun is more intense than most visitors are accustomed to enduring so when selecting a sunscreen err on the side of HIGHER protection and look for the bio-degradable, waterproof brands. Do yourself a favor and carry the sunscreen with you ALL DAY for reapplication.

    If going out in the evening, apply insect repellent at least to your ankles, feet and exposed forearms. While restaurants and stores do all they can to reduce insects, learning to manage mosquito bite risk is just part of tropical island living and vacationing! So do yourself a favor and plan to take a small pocket size bottle of insect spray with you each night to ensure you can enjoy Cozumel's open air dining and shopping to its fullest.

    Small Wallet - Since you’re on vacation, why would you need the entire contents of your purse or wallet? Library & video cards and the 45 keys you use at work can easily be left behind. Pick a couple of major credit cards and your house key to take on vacation. This way, the trauma of loss is not as significant should it occur at all.

    Camera, Film, Batteries & Media Cards - Unless you enjoy paying a premium for regular things, bring your own supply of film, media cards and batteries. Yes, film is available but that 24 exposure roll you buy at Wal-Mart for $3.00 will be $10 on the island and the same holds true for media cards. If you are even able to locate what you need the price will typically be about 3x what you are used to paying. Put fresh batteries in your camera before leaving, bring extras or a recharger since the small NI-CAD or special camera batteries are difficult to find. These items take up so little space in luggage and look at the savings!! Three rolls of film purchased at home vs. 3 on the island gives you enough savings in your pocket to pay for half of a snorkel tour!

    Electrical Plug-ins - Electrical supply and receptacles for Cozumel are the same as in the USA - 120 VAC

    Gifts/Tips - While cash is always appreciated as a tip for excellent service, sometimes a small trinket from your home country is more appropriate for a new found island friend. Many people from Cozumel seldom leave the island much less the country of Mexico. The population as a whole is exposed to a lot of merchandise in the stores, on TV and the Internet but availability is another thing all together!! Here are some inexpensive suggestions of things to stick in your bag “just in case.”
    • Music CDs (they don’t have to be new)
    • DVD's (they don't have to be new)
    • Music Players (they don't have to be new)
    • Small keychain type flashlights
    • Small pocket knives (remember to put in a checked-in bag!)
    • Brass or stainless clips (fishermen can’t get enough of these)
    • Small Address Books
    • Small scented candles
    • Perfume samples
    • Crayons or colored pencils/pens
    • Wine openers
    Tan-Through Shirts and Swimwear Costumes and Party Supplies
    Cash or Credit Cards ?

    Should I only bring some emergency cash and pay for everything with my credit card?

    Is it difficult to cash traveler's checks in Mexico?

    Where can I get the best exchange rate for my dollars?

    The answer is - it depends.

    Credit Cards:
    Don't' bring all of them, but be sure to carry a major charge card that has available credit.

    1. Hotels & Rentals - Hotels require a credit card on file at check-in for incidentals and auto, bike, scooter agencies also require credit cards on file should you decide to rent transportation. Even if you want to pay in cash at the end of your rental, an open, signed credit card voucher is required on file by all rental agencies in case of accidents or damage to the vehicle.
    2. Medical Emergencies/Treatment - In the unlikely event that you need emergency medical care, the care provider will request a credit card before you can be discharged if you don't have sufficient cash available.

    ALWAYS request the original credit card voucher and all copies be returned to you if you elect not to pay with your card at the end of a car, bike or scooter rental.

    Generally speaking, you will not want to actually charge items or services to your card while you're in Cozumel UNLESS you're doing so to accumulate points regardless of cost.
    ?Why you ask?

    1. Merchant Imposed Fees - If you are from the USA or Canada (or anywhere outside of Mexico), your credit card purchases in Cozumel will be considered International transactions and carry higher charge card processing fees which merchants in Mexico typically pass on to customers. Typically merchants will either add a processing fee of up to 10% OR the exhange rate applied to process the international transaction will not be very good.

    2. Your Bank Imposed Fees - Again, If you are from the USA or Canada (or anywhere outside of Mexico), your credit card purchases in Cozumel will be considered International transactions and your own bank or credit card company will typically impose additional transaction fees for each transaction. International transaction fees imposed by U.S. banks run 2.5 - 4% of the transacation amount but always check with your own credit card company or bank to verify fee structures that apply to your account.

    Traveler's Checks, Foreign Currency & American Dollars:

    Most merchants in the tourism industry in Cozumel will still accept U.S. Dollar currency along with Mexican Pesos. In the past few years with new regulations and laws aimed to stop money laundering connected to the War on Drugs, the Federal government of Mexico has made it more and more difficult for merchants to handle any other currency than Mexican Pesos. In fact, there are many merchants now on the island who will not accept U.S. Dollar currency under any circumstances but these are mainly businesses in industries NOT related to tourism.

    Travelers arriving to Cozumel with Traveler's Checks or other Foreign Currency of any kind (including Canadian Dollars) will need to exchange their currency for Mexican Pesos to use while on the island.
    Banking, ATMs and Currency Exchange
    Banks & Financial Institutions

    Mexican Pesos Bills & Coins Exchange rates at the banks are usually much better than those offered at money exchange houses however, In 2009, most all banks in Cozumel suspended currency exchange services except to bank clients with checking or savings accounts. In 2014 further Federal regulations enacted actually penalize banks for doing business with customers who have no accounts so very few will even exchange currency now if you have no account with them.

    For tourists, this means there is no reason to visit a bank teller line anymore to change currency. So save time and head straight away to an ATM or a money exchange house instead of standing in line at a bank to exchange currency because it's likely you'll finally arrive at the teller window only to be advised they cannot help you since you are not an account holder.

    There was a time not long ago when Cozumel had only two different banks and those downtown locations were the extent of alternatives to do bank business. However, with time and economic development, more financial institutions have moved into the region and begun service and many branch locations have opened up around the island.

    Still today, the majority of Cozumel's banks can be found in the Main Downtown Plaza area, however many of the banks do have branch locations located on major avenues (like Ave. 30) throughout town. Typical hours of operation are Mon-Friday between 9 - 4 but some banks are open on Saturdays.

    Convenient & Safe ATM Locations

    For tourists, a safe, easy way to access pesos in Cozumel is by simply using ATM cards to make withdrawals as needed. Your bank may charge a fee for this international transaction and there is always a local transaction fee of a few dollars as well so consider the cost benefit tradeoffs for your situation. And remember that most U.S. banks impose a US$ 300 limit on withdrawals made in foreign countries like Mexico. So if you need to pay the dive shop at the end of your stay for all of your diving, do not wait until the last day to hit the ATM!!

    All of the banks have ATMs that dispense pesos, although US Dollars are available at some ATMs near the cruiseship piers.

    Cozumel Bank Locations with ATMs

    Avenida 5 in Plaza 987-872-0142

    Corner of 30th Avenida (Pedro Joaquin Caldwell) & 11 Sur 987-872-3080

    Avenida 5 in Plaza 987-872- 3411

    Avenida 5 in Plaza 987-872-0550

    Avenida 5 & Juarez 987-872.0718

    Corner of 3 Sur & Avenida 10 987-872-2853

    Chedraui Supermarket on Melgar at Avenida 13 Sur (or Xel-Ha)

    DO NOT under any circumstances utilize an ATM that sits outside on the sidewalk or in front of a store. These unsupervised ATMs are notorious for having "scanners" attached by thieves looking to steal your card data. ONLY use ATMs inside the bank lobbies or inside the supermarkets listed above for MAXIMUM SECURITY.

    Currency Exchange Services (Casas de Cambio)

    With all the recent Federal banking regulation changes regarding money exchange, money changing houses (Casa de Cambio) have cropped up all over the island. No matter which way you turn in San Miguel's plaza you're bound to spot a money exchange (casa de cambio) place and the farther back into town you venture you'll find even more places to exchange currency ~ especially along Avenida 30 (Pedro Joaquin Caldwell Ave) between Calle 9 Sur and Juarez. In addition, there are also several very convenient exchange houses along Avenida 65 (8 de Octobre Ave.) all the way from the airport up north to Calle 31 Sur.

    Exchange rates at these "Casa de Cambios" are typically very competitive and follow the same policy of raising the exchange rate they give for more currency exchanged. For example, the rate to exchange US$ 50 - 250 will be slightly less than if you exchange US$ 400. That being said, the differential is not that significant so there is no real need to exchange big quantities at one time unless a big purchase is to be made somewhere that doesn't accept U.S. Dollars.

    We recommend changing your traveler's checks or dollars into pesos a little at a time and only consider paying for something in U.S. dollars if the business is giving you a higher exchange rate than you might find in the exchange house for your dollars.

    Although there are many, many Casas de Cambio in Cozumel, here are some locations that seem to always have very decent rates and very little wait time:

    Two Different Casas de Cambio
    Opposite Corners of
    Avenida 30 (Pedro Joaquin Caldwell Ave) at Calle 3 Sur
    Monday - Sunday 9am - 9pm No Phone

    Casa de Cambio
    Avenida 30 (Pedro Joaquin Caldwell Ave)
    Between A.R. Salas & Calle 1 Sur
    Monday - Sunday 9am - 9pm No Phone

    Cozumelinsider's Handy Currency Conversion Table!
    Various Exchange Rates in Mexican Pesos
    9.50 10.00 10.50 11.00 11.50 12.00 12.50 13.00 13.50 14.00 14.50 15.00
    1 9.50 10.00 10.50 11.00 11.50 12.00 12.50 13.00 13.50 14.00 14.50 15.00
    2 19.00 20.00 21.00 22.00 23.00 24.00 25.00 26.00 27.00 28.00 29.00 30.00
    3 28.50 30.00 31.50 33.00 34.50 36.00 37.50 39.00 40.50 42.00 43.50 45.00
    4 38.00 40.00 42.00 44.00 46.00 48.00 50.00 52.00 54.00 56.00 58.00 60.00
    5 47.50 50.00 52.50 55.00 57.50 60.00 62.50 65.00 67.50 70.00 72.50 75.00
    6 57.00 60.00 63.00 66.00 69.00 72.00 75.00 78.00 81.00 84.00 87.00 90.00
    7 66.50 70.00 73.50 77.00 80.50 84.00 87.50 91.00 94.50 98.00 101.50 105.00
    8 76.00 80.00 84.00 88.00 92.00 96.00 100.00 104.00 108.00 112.00 116.00 120.00
    9 85.50 90.00 94.50 99.00 103.50 108.00 112.50 117.00 121.50 126.00 130.50 135.00
    10 95.00 100.00 105.00 110.00 115.00 120.00 125.00 130.00 135.00 140.00 145.00 150.00
    20 190.00 200.00 210.00 220.00 230.00 240.00 250.00 260.00 270.00 280.00 290.00 300.00
    30 285.00 300.00 315.00 330.00 345.00 360.00 375.00 390.00 405.00 420.00 435.00 450.00
    40 380.00 400.00 420.00 440.00 460.00 480.00 500.00 520.00 540.00 560.00 580.00 600.00
    50 475.00 500.00 525.00 550.00 575.00 600.00 625.00 650.00 675.00 700.00 725.00 750.00
    60 570.00 600.00 630.00 660.00 690.00 720.00 750.00 780.00 810.00 840.00 870.00 900.00
    70 665.00 700.00 735.00 770.00 805.00 840.00 875.00 910.00 945.00 980.00 1,015.00 1050.00
    80 760.00 800.00 840.00 880.00 920.00 960.00 1,000.00 1,040.00 1,080.00 1,120.00 1,160.00 1,200.00
    90 855.00 900.00 945.00 990.00 1,035.00 1,080.00 1,125.00 1,170.00 1,215.00 1,260.00 1,305.00 1,350.00
    100 950.00 1,000.00 1,050.00 1,100.00 1,150.00 1,200.00 1,250.00 1,300.00 1,350.00 1,400.00 1,450.00 1,500.00
    150 1,425.00 1,500.00 1,575.00 1,650.00 1,725.00 1,800.00 1,875.00 1,950.00 2,025.00 2,100.00 2,175.00 2,250.00
    200 1,900.00 2,000.00 2,100.00 2,200.00 2,300.00 2,400.00 2,500.00 2,600.00 2,700.00 2,800.00 2,900.00 3,000.00
    250 2,375.00 2,500.00 2,625.00 2,750.00 2,875.00 3,000.00 3,125.00 3,250.00 3,375.00 3,500.00 3,625.00 3,750.00
    300 2,850.00 3,000.00 3,150.00 3,300.00 3,450.00 3,600.00 3,750.00 3,900.00 4,050.00 4,200.00 4,350.00 4,500.00

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    Vehicle Legalization Services in Cozumel, Mexico
    LEGALIZE Your Vehicle in Mexico TODAY!
     Mayan Steam Lodge - Temazcal Cozumel
    Experience one (1) of the most significant rituals of the ancient Mayans that has been preserved through the centuries! The Temazcal comes to our time as a relaxation therapy and deeply spiritual experience for the health of the body, mind and spirit.
    US $80 Per Person
     Rentadora ISiS Car Rentals Cozumel - Compact (Manual) 5 PAX
    Compact Class - Volkswagen (VW) Gol has a manual transmission, A/C, five (5) door hatchback and will hold a maximum of five (5) passengers.
    US $50 Daily (Max = 5 pax)
     Rentadora ISiS Car Rentals Cozumel - Convertible (Manual) 4 PAX
    Convertible Economy Class - Chevrolet (Chevy) Pop Convertible has a manual transmission, comes in a two (2) or four (4) door option, no A/C and will hold a maximum of four (4) passengers.
    US $45 Daily (Max = 4 pax)
     Rentadora ISiS Car Rentals Cozumel - Economy (Manual) 4 PAX
    Economy Class - Chevrolet (Chevy) Matiz has a manual transmission, comes in a five (5) door hatchback, with air conditioning (A/C) and will hold a maximum of four (4) passengers.
    US $45 Daily (Max = 4 pax)
     Rentadora ISiS Car Rentals Cozumel - Subcompact (Manual) 5 PAX
    Subcompact Class - Both Chevrolet (Chevy) Aveo or Nissan Tiida have a manual transmission, comes in a four (4) door sedan, with air conditioning (A/C) and will hold a maximum of five (5) passengers.
    US $55 Daily (Max = 5 pax)
     Thrifty Car Rental Cozumel - Chrysler Van (Standard) 7 Pax
    Chrysler Town & Country Van rentals have 3 doors & standard transmission with MAX PAX: 7 People.
    From US $130 Daily (Max = 7 pax)
     Thrifty Car Rental Cozumel - Compact Car (Standard) 5 Pax
    Compact car rentals usually have 4 doors & standard transmission with MAX PAX: 5 People.
    From US $72 Daily (Max = 5 pax)
     Thrifty Car Rental Cozumel - Economy Car (Standard) 5 Pax
    Economy rentals usually have 4 doors & standard transmission with MAX PAX: 5 People.
    From US $60 Daily (Max = 5 pax)
     Thrifty Car Rental Cozumel - Jeep Wrangler (Standard) 5 Pax
    Jeep Wrangler rentals have 2 doors & standard transmission with MAX PAX: 5 People.
    From US $89 Daily (Max = 5 pax)
    The Mayans Were Very Short - Watch Your Head!
    Mayan Steam Lodge - Temazcal Cozumel
    Wow, That is a BIG Fish!
    Cozumel ATV Snorkel by Boat Adventure Tour
    Definitely an
    Cozumel Glass Bottom Boat Snorkel Adventure Tour
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    (05/02/2015) - IslaMar has been lovely and we really enjoyed being away from the tourist areas, living local. Everything in this part of town is a lot easier on the wallet too! The villa was wonderful, bed comfortable and the pool excellent – and a lot deeper than we expected. Nidia, Andrea and Juan will take good care of guests as they did for us! Great staff! We are already looking forward to a return visit! M. & A. Sheumaker ~ Dallas, TX USA

    Sherri and her staff did everything under the sun to help us get on one of their shore excursions. Phone calls and emails were promptly acknowledged and answered cheerfully and professionally. These are "home" folks; no need to worry about language or accents getting in the way of success. Book with confidence, and have fun! J Meyers ~ San Antonio, Texas

    Hello my name is Brent C. and I did the Turtle Observation & Release on June 27th. I can honestly not put into words how great and breathtaking the whole experience was! it has always been a dream of mine to watch turtles nest up close and personal but you guys topped that dream and did even better! I almost cried tears of joy when i found out I got to get up close and help remove the turtle eggs as she was laying them! I plan on becoming a marine biologist one day and this whole experience has pushed me farther into my passion for marine biology! I can not say thank you enough! Also cant forget the helpful crew of young men and women that helped us along the night and where ever so kind! Here is a picture of the green sea turtle I named April after she had laid her eggs! Thanks and God Bless Brent C ~ USA

    Derrick and I had a great time. We got our fill of diving. On the 4th day in fact, I was so tuckered out, I didn't think I would make it, but we persevered and did all 15 tanks of your ISLAMAR/DIVE PARADISE Dive Package B! The break in the sun was exactly what the doctor ordered… assured, you have my business in the future and I'm glad to have been lucky enough to have found someone who is renowned for their business acumen and operates with such respected integrity in the community. Thanks again for everything that you did Sherri! R. Dugan ~ Plano, TX

    I want to take a moment to thank you at COZUMELINSIDER for all of your help. This is the first time I have ever booked activities such as these online and was very nervous about how it all worked. You took the time to answer all of my questions and even followed upwith a phone call to make sure you had all the information you needed to book the perfect vacation fun for my family. Thanks so much for making this a great experience! I can hardly wait to get there and enjoy all of these wonderful things! S. Daggett ~ Woodland Park, CO

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