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2011 Cozumel Marine Turtle Program Donors & Thank You
Click here for more information about Cozumel Marine Turtle Salvation Program.

For information on VOLUNTEERING OR OBSERVING in Cozumel's Turtle Program please visit the Cozumel Marine Turtle Salvation Volunteer & Observation Events information and reservation form.

September 2011
Greetings Cozumel Turtle Supporters and Friends!

On behalf of the over 2,500 (and counting) nesting green and loggerhead turtles of Cozumel and the Marine Turtle Salvation Program Committee, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your generosity and participation in our 20011 Marine Turtle Salvation Program Volunteers & Supporters Program..

As you are aware from other notices, there was no organized fundraising initiative prior to the 2009 season for Cozumel's Turtle Salvation Program. However, as Cozumel felt the full force of the global financial crisis in 2009 as well as the H1N1 influenza shut down, the city budget was cut which drastically affrected the Turtle Program. At that time, the Turtle Program Managing Committee had no alternative but to look for financial supporters to help the workers and volunteers continue their work.

Unfortunately, difficult financial and economic conditions continue throughout the world now in 2011 so our need to raise funds to support the Cozumel Marine Turtle Salvation Program continues. The 2011 Turtle Program Supporters and Participants are being recognized publicly here as a small token of appreciation by the Turtle Program Committee.

The content of this Recognition Page will continue to change in the weeks ahead as more participants and donations come in throughout the remaining 2011 season. It goes without saying that these donors have been critical to the survival of the 2011 Turtle Salvation Program. However, the season is not yet over and as always, there have been and will be many, many donations made to the program and they are all important to the survival of the program. So please, never under estimate the power of ANY size donation!! Every donation of every size is very much appreciated by the Cozumel Turtle Salvation Program!

As always, the funds donated by supporters will be utilized to try to maintain the turtle program by purchasing various supplies and equipment needed for this season’s efforts. These donations make an extraordinary difference to the more than 100 volunteers who work the program each year.

Again, on behalf of the Cozumel Marine Turtle Program Committee, THANK YOU so very much to all of our 2011 TURTLE SUPPORTERS! We appreciate your support of Cozumel's nesting sea turtles!

Thanks for helping me and my offspring!Sincerely,

Hector Gonzalez
Cozumel Director of Department of Ecology
Cozumel Marine Turtle Salvation Program Coordinator 2011

Sherri Davis
Cozumel Marine Turtle Salvation Program Volunteer 1998 - 2011
2011 Contributors to the Turtle Salvation Program

Laud (More than 15,000 Pesos, US$1,500+)
IslaMar Vacation Villas Cozumel, MX

Caguama (5,000–14,999 Pesos, US$500-1,499)
Ellen Pyle Group Falls Church, VA
Lois Aring Family Idaho Falls, ID

Blanca (3,300-4,999 Pesos, US$300–499)
E.O. Smith Scuba Group Andover, CT
Garrett Nelson Group Moore, OK
Robert Woelfel Group Houston, TX

Carey (1000-2,999 Pesos, US$100-299)
Annamarie Violalowney Southampton, PA
Art & Pam Bettger Portland, OR
Bill & Sonya Sparks Temperance, MI
Brent August & Anne Watson Columbus, OH
Charles & Elijah Bettger Portland, OR
Dan & Gen Hartman Cozumel, MX
Dan Hiris & Sarah Murray Phoenix, AZ
Ellen Parker Houston, TX
Erin Hoffman Group Canon City, CO
Holly & Elaina Murray Phoenix, AZ
James and Lili Harding Fordham, UK
Jaocb Cervantes Family Dallas, TX
Jason Roth Napanee, ON CA
Jay Anderson Crystal, MN
Joe & Kathy Yarchak Willimantic, CT
Joyce Needum Family Aubrey, TX
Karen Murray & Viola Zito Phoenix, AZ
Kelly & Laurie Grucza Parma Heights, OH
Kyle, Nancy & Tyler Dickey Manassas, VA
Larry & Sheila Withrow USA
Mark & Shannon Ross Family Ft. Worth, TX
McNutt Family Ada, OK
Patricia Gray Group Champaign, Ill
Patricia Jones Family St. Marie, ON CA
Paul & Stephanie Schunemann Sylvania, OH
Scarlett, Brook & Skip Bullock Oakhurst, CA
Scott Milne Southampton, PA
Terry & Sarah Aponte Phoenix, AZ

Lora ($50-999 Pesos, US$5-99)
Alan & Lisa Mitchell Krum, TX
Andrea Pons New York, NY
Aura Tinsley Chelan, WA
Bryan Webb Bedford, TX
Carrie Bakunas Centennial, CO
Daniel Mattes Marion, WI
Deborah Dupree Dallas, TX
Eric Sanderson Chelan, WA
Georg Stresing Salzgitter, GERMANY
Jackie Wiser Mesquite, TX
James & Debra Tenorio Menomonie, WI
Jeremiah & Melody Zortman Saint Paul, MN
Jesus Dzul Irabien Cozumel, MX
John & Christie Wainwright Saginaw, MI
John & Miranda Martin Ada, OK
John & Pam Martin Ada, OK
Julie Dzul Chamberlain Cozumel, MX
Justin & Kristali Teuscher Logan, UT
Kelsey Shanahan Alexandria, VA
Kevin Bahjat Tuttle, OK
Lea Mueller Salzgitter, GERMANY
Lubena Natcheva Menomonie, WI
Margaret Hibbard Arlington, TX
Margo Bouchard Albuquerque, NM
Melissa Pirlot Menomonie, WI
Patricia Huckeba Mesquite, TX
Phillip & Aimee Burnett Hallsville, TX
Renee McCoy Arlington, TX
Saundra Dial Louisville, KY
Scott Baade Centennial, CO
Scott Shannon Tuttle, OK
Steve Clagg HighlandsRanch, CO
Tammy Stroud Highlands Ranch,CO

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