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2007 Cozumel Marine Turtle Program Donors & Thank You
Cristopher Gonzales Baca is the Coordinator of Cozumel's Marine Turtle Salvation Program . Cris has been very excited to see so many Turtle Sponsors come forward these past few weeks to participate in this fundraising campaign.
Cristopher Gonzales BacaTurtleCris works for the City within the Department of Ecology. From April until November each year, Cris' primary responsibility is managing all aspects of the Turtle Program from conducting Committee meetings to organizing the brigade leaders and developing logistics plans to over seeing the collection of quality scientific data and the preparation of data analysis reports. Seen here accepting donations made by Tim & Noah Criswell on behalf of Healthy Pet Exotics in West Linn, Oregon, Cris is passionate about his work with the Turtle Program and wants everyone to know how much your donations will help the Turtle Program function.

"Not only are the donated items very beneficial, but it helps boost the morale of all the volunteers when they understand that these items were purchased or given by Turtle Sponsors from all around the world who love Cozumel's turtles as much as they do."

For additional information on how you can make a difference, please visit LastCall - 2007 Marine Turtle Salvation Program Fundraising Campaign and the Cozumel Marine Turtle Salvation Program.

May 2007
Greetings Cozumel Turtle Sponsors and Friends!

On behalf of the almost 2,000 nesting green and loggerhead turtles of Cozumel and the Marine Turtle Salvation Program Committee, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your generosity and participation in our 2007 Inaugural Turtle Sponsor Fundraising Campaign. After 6 weeks of open solicitation, the campaign has closed with great success!

I am pleased to report that Cozumel MarineTurtle Sponsors have stepped forward from around the globe and have generously pledged to donate over US$12,000 to this initial 2007 Fundraising Campaign. All donors deserve a gracious round of applause for not only meeting our Campaign goal of US$10,000 but for exceeding it and giving us great hope for future fundraising and support efforts for the turtles!

As promised, all Turtle Sponsors are being recognized publicly here as well as on other pages maintained for the Turtle Program.

The content of this Recognition Page will continue to change in the weeks ahead as more donations come in. In addition, we will provide Turtle Salvation Program Updates and Progress Reports throughout the nesting season here as well. So make this page one of your “Favorites” and check back frequently for updates!

It is very important to recognize two critical donors who stepped up early as steadfast supporters with large contributions that anchored the Turtle Program Fundraising Campaign:
  1. Dive Paradise with the kick off donation of US$1,000
  2. Casa Gordon Vacation Rental which donated US$1,500
It goes without saying that these donors have meant alot to the success of this Fundraising Campaign. However, it is quite a ways from this $2,500 to the $12,000 that we ultimately raised. You should know that the remainder of the $10,000 in donations were comprised of all sizes from $500 to $10 and each one contributed to the final success of the Campaign. So please, never under estimate the power of ANY size donation!! Every donation of every size is very much appreciated by the Cozumel Turtle Salvation Program!

As I have explained in the Fundraising Campaign letters earlier, these funds will be utilized to improve and elevate the quality of the turtle program by purchasing various supplies and equipment needed for this season’s efforts. The funds you have provided will make an extraordinary difference to the more than 100 volunteers who will work the program this year. We encourage any of you visiting Cozumel this June through November to contact us so that we can meet you personally and give you an update on the Turtle Program. Of course, if possible, we would welcome the opportunity for all Turtle Sponsors to go out with a brigade during nesting season so it can be seen first hand how the Turtle Program is functioning. So please do contact us when next you are visiting the island!

Again, thank you so very much to all of our new TURTLE SPONSORS for supporting this cause.

We could not have wished for a more successful Inaugural Fundraising Campaign for the Turtle Program! We appreciate your support and look forward to keeping you updated on the 2007 Season’s activities as well as seeing you soon here on the island!

Thanks for helping me and my offspring!Sincerely,

Cristopher Gonzales Baca
Cozumel Marine Turtle Salvation Program Coordinator 2005 - 2007

Sherri Davis
Cozumel Marine Turtle Salvation Program Volunteer 1998 - 2007
2007 Contributors to the Turtle Salvation Program

Laud (More than 15,000 Pesos, US$1,500+)
Casa Gordon Cozumel MX
Hotel Ventanas al Mar Cozumel

Caguama (5,000–14,999 Pesos, US$500-1,499)
Cozumel Scuba Repair Cozumel MX
Dive Paradise Cozumel MX
El Cantil Condominiums Cozumel MX
IslaMar Vacation Villas Cozumel MX
McCoy Concepts Cozumel MX

Blanca (3,300-4,999 Pesos, US$300–499)
Blue XT~Sea Diving Cozumel MX
Casa Deja Blue Vacation Villas Cozumel MX
Larson Electronics LLC Kemp TX
Patas & Alas Butterfly Sanctuary Cozumel MX
Sybil Cramer Los Altos CA
Wild Tours Cozumel MX

Carey (1000-2,999 Pesos, US$100-299)
Albatross Fishing Charters Cozumel MX
Ambiants Home Furnishings Cozumel MX
Arthur & Pamela Bettger Portland OR
Bill Asbell USA
Charles A Bettger Portland OR
Chris & Kim Tom Bradenton FL
Dan & Colleen Kliethermes Columbia MO
Dan & Genevieve Hartman Cozumel MX
Dave & Wendy Edwards Carrollton TX
Deborah Bollag New Rochelle NY
Elyah P Bettger Portland OR
Flashlights Unlimited Doraville GA
Irene Stewart Vancouver BC Canada
Jack & Cherri Musser Grosse Pointe Shores, MI
James & Lynette Norvell Dallas TX
Larry and Karen Pedersen Des Moines IA
Larry and Myrna Cleghorn Cozumel MX
Lee & Joan Glasner Jr. Kerrville TX
Lt. Col. Michael & Jean Brill Family Huntsville UT
Maria Walker & Stephen Wooding New York, NY
Mark Ronquillo Family Brooklyn NY
Monica Sauza Cozumel MX
Olivia Withington (Cozumel Native)
Miss Hispanic Oklahoma State University
Stillwater OK
Rich & Mary Browning Superior CO
Steve & Donna Steindorf Plano TX
Tim Fallon USA
Traci Stevenson Dearborn MI USA
Warren & Gilda Sprung Houston TX

Lora ($50-999 Pesos, US$5-99)
Andy & Karen Capps Savannah GA
Bob Golliff Cozumel MX
David & Suzie Herman Sacramento CA
Gary & Phyllis Larsen Lincoln NB
John & Joyce Giacobbe USA
Judy Denton Washington Township NJ
Michele Wasserman Freeport NY
Richard Watson Houston TX
Stephanie Uhlarik Chicago IL
William J Andler West St. Paul MN

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