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Cozumel Taxi Rates From Punta Langosta Cruise Ship Pier
This is a comprehensive list of current taxi rates charged when leaving the Punta Langosta Cruise Ship Pier and going to various destinations around the island. While taxi drivers are required to have this tarriff list in their vehicle at all times so as to be able to demonstrate they are charging the appropriate taxi fare, it might be worth printing this list to take with you as a handy reference.

Please utilize these taxi fares as a guide so as to avoid being taken advantage of by unethical taxi drivers but realize that taxi rates can change periodically and without notice. Cozumelinsider is constantly reviewing these rates to ensure accuracy but as always, it can't be guaranteed because we don't generate the taxi rates, we simply report them!

So print this out if arriving to Punta Langosta, have fun and enjoy Cozumel!!

WHEELCHAIR ACCESS: At each pier, including Punta Langosta Cruise Ship Pier area, there is person from the taxi syndicate that is in charge of assisting passengers. These people will have a radio. Simply let them know that you are in need of a taxi with wheelchair access and they will radio one of the vans with this capability.

Cozumel Taxi Rates From Punta Langosta Cruise Ship Pier
Rates Effective Since December 2012 to Present
Destination1-4 Passengers5 Passengers6-8 Passengers
Downtown Forum Shops7.00 usd11.00 usd14.00usd
Tequilera Mexico Lindo8.00 usd12.00 usd16.00usd
Mercado7.00 usd11.00 usd14.00usd
Tequilera Casa Mission7.00 usd11.00 usd14.00usd
Caleta9.00 usd13.00 usd18.00usd
South Zone
Hotel Presidente9.00 usd13.00 usd18.00usd
PalMar Beach10.00 usd15.00 usd20.00usd
Monkey Bar10.00 usd15.00 usd20.00usd
Hotel Fiesta Americana10.00 usd15.00 usd20.00usd
Playa Uvas11.00 usd16.00 usd22.00usd
Chankanaab11.00 usd16.00 usd22.00usd
Playa Corona12.00 usd17.00 usd24.00usd
Hotel Sabor15.00 usd21.00 usd30.00usd
Ocean Beach Bar15.00 usd21.00 usd30.00usd
Carlos n Charlies Beach15.00 usd21.00 usd30.00usd
San Francisco Beach 15.00 usd21.00 usd30.00usd
Paradise Beach15.00 usd21.00 usd30.00usd
Playa Mia17.00 usd25.00 usd34.00usd
Mr. Sancho's17.00 usd25.00 usd34.00usd
Nachi Cocom17.00 usd25.00 usd34.00usd
Hotel Allegro Resort16.00 usd21.00 usd32.00usd
Playa Alberto's18.00 usd26.00 usd36.00usd
Hotel Iberostar20.00 usd24.00 usd40.00usd
Playa Palancar25.00 usd35.00 usd50.00usd
North Zone
Airport11.00 usd16.00 usd22.00usd
Parque Cuzam10.00 usd15.00 usd20.00usd
Puerto de Abrigo8.00 usd12.00 usd16.00usd
Playa Azul8.00 usd12.00 usd16.00usd
Hotel Melia Paradisus8.00 usd12.00 usd16.00usd
Mike's Beach9.00 usd13.00 usd18.00usd
Playa Barracuda14.00 usd18.00 usd28.00usd
Cozumel Golf Course11.00 usd15.00 usd22.00usd
Isla de Pasion25.00 usd35.00 usd50.00usd
East Zone
Mezcalitos25.00 usd35.00 usd50.00usd
Punta Morena25.00 usd35.00 usd50.00usd
Chen Rio25.00 usd35.00 usd50.00usd
Playa Bonita30.00 usd40.00 usd60.00usd
Services with Waiting
Punta Sur60.00 usd80.00 usd120.00usd
Mayan Ruins60.00 usd80.00 usd120.00usd
Island Tour70.00 usd90.00 usd140.00usd
Island & RuinsTour90.00 usd130.00 usd180.00usd
Special Stop Request2.00 usd additional each

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