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Speak Up So Others Can Learn English at S.E.A.
A Volunteer Opportunity for Native English Speakers
Sponsored by the Spanish English Academy of Cozumel

S.E.A.Volunteers with Students

The Spanish English Academy of Cozumel is seeking volunteer, native English speakers who are residents or visitors on Cozumel to stop by informally and visit their classes to help support students and staff in learning English. The informal visits by native English speakers help students to develop skills and confidence in learning languages by listening and speaking in an informal, "safe" non-exam setting.

This is a very informal, easy, flexible and rewarding way to volunteer that does not require an ongoing time commitment.

How do I volunteer?
If you want to be a volunteer speaker or have additional questions, please contact Professor Matthew at He has information on the current class schedules so you may drop by and help Cozumel students.

You can also contact the Cozumel Volunteer Connection at if you would like information from a previous volunteer.
I'd like to volunteer but...

An English language learner
  • I'm not a public speaker... That's okay. Volunteers need not have experience in public speaking! It is a very informal, small group of people sitting in a circle of chairs.

  • I don't know what to talk about... Almost any topic you select will provide the opportunity for students to practice listening and speaking. For example, topics can be primarily for information such as a talk about Martin Luther King to commemorate his birthday, or a discussion format about community events, or informally sharing information about your culture, country or occupation.

  • I'm not sure if the students will understand me... The English language learners who attend are at various levels. Some are taking their first English class while others have had several years of English. There may be a couple of participants who are quite fluent but want to improve their skills. Even new students appreciate the opportunity to listen. Remember to speak slowly
    and clearly. Try to avoid using humor or analogies that may be difficult
    to understand. You may want to encourage questions or discussion.
Where is the Spanish English Academy?
  • The Spanish English Academy is located at Calle Felipe Angeles No. 156 (Entre 1a Sur y Adolfo Rosado Salas). The academy is directly across the street from the Sala de Fiestas Taxistas and is accessible by car, taxi, walking or biking.

  • For more information - please access their websites location by clicking:

    Spanish English Academy Website
    Spanish English Academy Facebook Page

  • Hours are: Monday thru Thursday from 8:00am to 12:00pm (Island Time) and 4:00pm to 9:00pm (Island Time)

  • Phone Number is: 987-106-5921

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