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S.A.I.L. Group VolunTOURism Benefits School Children

This past Winter Cozumel Volunteer Connection helped to coordinate an entire day of VolunTOURism activities for the Sherman Texas based SAIL Cruise group which docked in Cozumel January 25th.

SAIL dedicated its entire day to philanthropic efforts geared to benefit the people of Cozumel and impact the community. S.A.I.L. participants raised enough funding and contributions of goods to benefit 50 families in “Las Fincas” (the most impoverished area in Cozumel), NUAFA (non-profit Christian based organization that supports families in crisis, provides day care and job training), Cruz Roja (Red Cross), the Cozumel Chrysalis Group (supports education for children from families with limited resources), and Jesus is Rey church.

S.A.I.L. Group at NUAFAS.A.I.L. & NUAFA . . . An Exciting Mission Partnership

S.A.I.L. Group (Solid Assurance In the Lord) had five goals for their Cozumel visit with NUAFA:

. Benefit children and families in need—food & clothing
(immediate and emergency help)

  • Emergency food packets were assembled for NUAFA to provide to families in crisis as needed
  • Donate new set of clothing for each child in day care
  • Donate used children’s clothing to create a lending closet (3 mo. ~ 5 yrs.; rompers, shorts, t-shirts, socks, shoes)

    . Enhance quality of childcare with facility upgrades, nutritious food & educational materials
    (intermediate impact)

  • US$1,000 donation for facilities (ceiling fan, water tank), equipment (computer/printer, plates/utensils for children), food staples for nutritious meals for children, or other necessary operating expenses
  • Donate educational resources—dry erase markers; educational toys like Legos or blocks to develop coordination & imagination (large pieces young children can’t swallow); art supplies (color foam, paper); simple learning activities to teach various themes (colors, shapes, numbers, animals, health topics for preschool/kindergarten/elementary with pictures--volunteers speak Spanish); children’s books in Spanish.
  • Donate new/used items from wish list (towels, cooking pots/skillets/utensils, bowls/lids, blender, hand mixer)

    . Support job skill development so women can support their families
    (long-term impact for women & community)

  • $3,000 donation for matching grant for job skills training; purchase of equipment & supplies
  • Donate sewing machine(s) and supplies (metric measuring tapes, scissors, thread, etc.)

    . Develop relationship with NUAFA for potential ongoing mission partnership
    (long-term community benefit)

    . Gain cross-cultural understanding of Mexican family life & values while sharing love of Jesus Christ

    More about NUAFA & S.A.I.L

    NUAFA hosted S.A.I.L. small group visits throughout the day for a 45-60 minute facility and program review and brief informal Q & A discussion (culture, education, family/spiritual life) with Eloisa Buenfil Rivero, NUAFA President, and other volunteers. Translators were provided to help bridge the communication gap although everyone's enormous smiles said it all that day.

    What is S.A.I.L. Cruise Group?

    .A.I.L. (Solid Assurance In the Lord) is an annual bible study/fellowship cruise that grew from friends’ desire to have fun cruising together four years ago to a mission focus, helping others less fortunate in Cozumel, Mexico.

    .A.I.L. Group includes 32 Christian women representing various religious affiliations from 15 cities in three states (Texas, Okalahoma, Missouri) and Argentina.

    Checks for tax deductible cash donations must be made out to:
    Texoma Chapel Ministry

    Mail to: 1434 S. Travis Street
    Sherman, Texas 75090

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