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Cozumel Beaches - "Punta Sur Eco Beach Park & Lighthouse"
Punta Sur Park Turtle Sanctuary

Cozumel Punta Sur Lighthouse
Punta Sur Entrance
Miles of pristine beach at Punta Sur Park Cozumel
Amenities: Visit the Faro Celarain Lighthouse
Navigation and Cultural Museum
Beautiful beach areas and snorkeling (life guards)
Opportunity to see crocodiles, birds and exotic plants
Bathrooms, showers and changing rooms
Hammocks, lounge chairs and palapas
Restaurants, snack bars and taquilerias
Passage to the Columbia Laguna aboard the catamaran “El Tatich”
Chunchacab Reef where you have an opportunity to see the sea turtles
Souvenirs and handcrafts
Free parking
Kayak Tour* & Snorkel Tour*

*Additional cost
Hours: Monday thru Saturday
9:00am EST to 4:00pm EST
Pricing: US$ 14.00 - Adults (12yo and up)
US$ 8.00 - Children (3yo to 11yo)
FREE - Children under 3yo
Location: Carretera Costera Sur- Km. 27
At the southern tip of the island where the road turns to the east coast
Website: Visit our Website!

Cozumel's Punta Sur Eco Beach Park is one of the island's true natural treasures. Encompassing 247 acres, this ecological reserve and park contains an extraordinary diversity of natural landscapes, including numerous beach areas, a lagoon, low forest areas and coral reefs just off shore. In addition to these natural attractions, Punta Sur Park is also home to a Mayan Ruin site as well as the Celerain Lighthouse and a navigation museum.

The west coast area of the park has a designated snorkel area with an abundance of fish close to the shore. The beaches on the east “windward” coast of the park are equally beautiful interspersed with rock formations and high sand dunes near the lighthouse. Beaches on the east serve as a sea turtle nesting zone from May to October.

Colombia Lagoon is one of the main attractions with its mangrove swamps and jungles that shelter a variety of wild birds, reptiles (crocodiles), fish and vegetation. In the summer months, this Park area offers information and viewing opportunities of Cozumel's nesting turtles: the loggerheads and green turtles. It is easy to observe nature in this park area by viewing flora and fauna from the decks, towers and boat landings located throughout the park. There is also a rich history and cultural perspective you can experience in the park.

A Mayan ruin in the shape of a shell was probably used as a lighthouse in earlier times. It is a unique structure with conch shells imbedded in the walls that whistle in different tones depending on the direction of the wind. Visit Punta Celerain Lighthouse and learn the history of navigation around the island.

In the colonial period, this area was a refuge for pirates and smugglers. During the first half of this century, the livelihood of the residents near the lagoon depended on agriculture, fishing and crocodile hunting.

Punta Sur has something for everyone--nature lovers, history buffs, sun worshippers as well as those who yearn to spend the day relaxing in a quiet spectacular environmental setting.

Beautiful view of part of Punta Sur Lagoon and beach at dusk

From June through November each year Punta Sur operates a marine turtle salvation program manned by volunteers and tourists who want to participate. Read and reserve here!

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