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Public Facilities - Parks, Churches, Hospitals & Such
No matter if you are traveling to Cozumel, living on the island part time or full time, it's always good to know where people gather for one thing or another or who they turn to in times of need or celebration. Cozumel is a family oriented community filled with hard working, industrious people who are warm and friendly and typically always smiling. As with every other community, Cozumel has churches, parks, hospitals and public services to utilize for getting to know the island culture and its people.

You might be thinking how strange of us to provide the Cozumel park locations when there are so many fun, beach and water things to do on the island. It's a good point and no question Cozumel's big attraction is water sports, activities and beaches. But sometimes a community park can be a very nice, relaxing refuge from the tourist crowd. You might be a tourist on the island with your family and looking for a nice place to spread your blanket and eat that chicken you picked up! Or you may be a new resident to the island looking for great places to walk your dog. Whatever the case, this is certainly not all of the parks in Cozumel but ~ it's a good start!

In the directory below, simply select what TYPE of public facility you would like to preview and the list will sort by that topic for you!
And if you happen to need a good map to find your way to these spaces and places, we offer a good one you can purchase ahead of your trip online! Clik HERE to order a great map!

Many public shelters are available all over the island should a hurricane arise and evacuation be necessary during July - November. While not a frequent occurance, a list of those shelter facilities and addresses are provided in the HURRICANES section of our website.

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CZM-Beachfront - Downtown Area
"Andres Quintana Roo Park" - On the Beachfront near City Hall ~ fun for all!
Amenities: All Cozumel Parks offer
FREE WI-FI internet service
Location: Rafael E Melgar &
Calle 11 Sur
In front of Palacio Municipal
Hours: Daily - No Curfew
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Parque Andrés Quintana Roo was completely renovated and re-designed in 2008. With its strategic location directly in front of the Palacio, it has become a popular cultural event locale featuring music, award ceremonies, festivals, conventions and other celebrations.

"Benito Juarez Park - Downtown Plaza" - The beautiful downtown plaza area!
Amenities: All Cozumel Parks offer
FREE WI-FI internet
Location: Rafael Melgar &
Calle Juarez
Hours: Daily - No Curfew
Parque Benito Juarez is the official name of the downtown plaza area where the famous clock tower resides and the people ferries from Playa del Carmen arrive. It's a busy bustling area all the way around the gazebo in the main park area filled with restaurants and shopping to keep a person busy for hours. The center area of the plaza though can be a nice refuge even with all the hustle and bustle. Step up a couple of steps and walk into the center area where you'll find lots of shade from big old flamboyant trees and low level, wide built walls perfect for sitting and people watching. Every Sunday evening at 8pm a band plays traditional Mexican / Caribbean music in the gazebo.
Lots of shopping everywhere in the plaza! Cozumel's Famous Clock Tower! All sorts of creative artists in the plaza area!

"Cozumel Retailers Carrying Franko Map Products" - Retail Store Locations of CZM Franko Products
CZM-Corpus Christi Area
"3 de Mayo Park of Corpus Christi Church" - Great for strolling after Mass!
Amenities: All Cozumel Parks offer
FREE WI-FI internet
Location: Avenida 20 & Calle 15 Sur
In front of Corpus Cristi Church
Hours: Daily - No Curfew
Located just across the street from the Corpus Catholic church the 3 de Mayo Park is a beautiful space with lots of shade provided by the enormous flamboyan trees that cover it. This park is very active and filled with families and young children on Sundays following Mass as well as during the week as the day cools off in the late evening hours.

"Corpus Cristi Catholic Church" - Big Church with big welcoming heart!
Location: Avenida 20
Calles 15 y 17 Sur
Phone: 987-872-1053

Office Hours
8am - 1pm
5pm - 8pm
Services: Daily Masses Monday - Saturday
8am & 7:30pm

7am 10am Noon 6pm &
8pm ~ Special Mass for Island Visitors

Check Posted Schedule
at Entry for Changes &
Holiday Events
Other: Manuel Jesus Prieto
Cozumel Corpus Cristi Cathedral
CZM-Down Town Area
"Cozumel Downtown Cemetary" - Peaceful Place of Remembrance
Hours: Gates Open at Dawn
Gates Close at Dusk
Location: Avenida 5 &
Calle 9 Sur
Established over a century ago, Cozumel's downtown cemetery is a memorial to the early settlers of the island and is filled with island history. Strolling through the monuments and memorials one can recognize the names of some of the oldest island families. This area of memorial is a quiet place of remembrance so please be respectful, quiet and careful not to disturb anything. The Day of the Dead is a wonderful celebration here on the island that is shared among family members who honor and remember their loved ones that have passed on. Typically there are gatherings at each church including the San Miguel church downtown and then an honor march to the cemetery to decorate the memorials.

"Cozumel Tourist Police"
Location: Avenida 5
Between Calle 11 & 13 Sur
Across from Chedraui Bus Stop
Phone: 987-872-0092

"Museo de la Isla de Cozumel" - Cozumel History & Culture on Display!
Hours: Monday thru Saturday
9:00am to 5:00pm EST (Island Time)
Location: Avenida Rafael Melgar
& Calle 6 Norte
Phone: 987-872-0914
Pricing: Admission:
Adults - US $4.00
Children (under 8) - FREE
Services: Exhibition Halls:
Hall 1 - The Island
Hall 2 - The Ocean
Hall 3 - Cozumel in History
Hall 4 - Contemporary Cozumel
Mayan House
Bilingual guides, bookstore, library, restaurant
CZM-Mid Town Area
"Airplane Park" - Leavin' on a Jet Plane!
Hours: Daily - No Curfew Location: Colonia San Gervasio
Avenida 135 Between
Calles 5 Sur & Hidalgo
This park probably has a different name but you'll know it when you get there as it is the only place you'll find a full size airplane sitting upon a pedestal and open for exploration. Here you will also find swings and see saws and such as well as plenty of park benches and a fenced in soccer court with bleachers as well as a small band stand type shell for community events. The park is very well kept , has a handicapped ramp and elevated sidewalks for strolling around the park. Nice place to walk the dog or try exploring the airplane.

"Airport Road Park" - Lovely pocket park ~ kid friendly!
Amenities: All Cozumel Parks offer
FREE WI-FI internet
Location: Airport Road &
Avenida 20
Hours: Daily - No Curfew
This cute little park probably has a name but there is no sign or plaque that we could find. Given its triangular shape and small size, seems like the park was formed as Cozumel re-aligned it's streets "back in the day." The park is very clean and well kept and has very good lighting at night. There's plenty of shade from huge, old trees, lots of park benches, some play gear for the kiddos and a lovely little gazebo as well. This would be an excellent stop to eat that chicken or those sandwiches on an "around the island" adventure!

"Church of Christ"
Location: Avenida 55
A.R. Salas &
Calle 3 Sur
Services: Sunday - 11 am
Wednesday - 7:30pm

"Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints"
Location: Avenida 40 &
Calle 4 Norte
Phone: 987-872-3400
Services: Sunday - 1 pm Cozumel Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints

"Cozumel Horse Sanctuary / Rancho Universo A.C." - Healing Souls and Builing Confidence!
Hours: Afternoons and By Appointment
Services: Horse Sanctuary & Rescue
Horse Therapy Center & Clinic
Location: Carretera Transversal Km. 11.3
Phone: 987-119-9828

"Cozumel Public Library (Biblioteca Publica)" - Free WI-FI here!
Amenities: FREE WI-FI internet
Location: Avenida Pedro Joaquín Coldwell
(formerly Avenida 30)
& Calle 8 Norte
Hours: Monday - Friday
8 am - 8:30 pm

8 am - 1 pm
Closed Sunday
Services: Fiction, non-fiction, reference books, Internet, children's book, videos
The Gonzalo de Jesus Rosado Iturralde Public Library is at the service of the people of Cozumel, offering access to books, videos and the Internet free of charge. Patrons wishing to take books home may sign out three books at a time for a 1 week period after providing identification. The library also conducts free English classes for kids on Saturdays from 9am - 12pm throughout the year.

The Cozumel Library is always in need of children's books in English to help with teaching classes. Consider bringing some extra children's books in English to donate to the library!

"Ebenezer Presbyterian Church"
Established: 1984
Services: Sunday - 9 am - English
Sunday - 10 am - Spanish
Wednesday - 7:30pm - Spanish
Friday - 7:30pm - Spanish
Phone: 987-872-3400
Location: Avenida Pedro Joaquín Coldwell
(formerly Avenida 30) between
Calles 8 and 10 Norte
Contact: Pastors:
Gamaliel Vivas
Israel Mendez
Alba Pech (bilingual)
Eben Ezer Presbyterian Church offers services in English and Spanish.

"Environmental Park of Cozumel (Parque Ambiental)" - Nature, Jungle and Huge Cenote!
Established: 2010
Location: Calle 31 Sur &
Avenida 8 de October
(Formerly Avenida 65)
Hours: Monday - Saturday
9am - 6pm
Closed Sunday
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My neighbors (Sherri's) owned this land for decades and every weekend invited friends and family to join them for a day of play and fun around the cenote. Just a few years ago the City approached the family about trading the land and allowing them to develop a public park for all to be able to enjoy the park. While that process is a different story entirely, the results have been that the City received some grant money to develop this park and it is now open for the public to enjoy its beauty.

This lovely park is now home to the City's Department of Ecology as well so there are always City employees maintaining it and keeping it clean. In addition, UQRoo University now utilizes it as a training facility for the students studying tourism. So frequently as guests visit, there will be students there serving as guides to practice their English and share their knowledge of the flora and fauna of Cozumel.

It has an enormous cenote and lots of walking paths through the interior as well as park benches and soft music playing in the background. In addition, little life-like ceramic animials have been placed in the trees and ponds and such to facilitate learning of those species indigenous to Cozumel. It's a beautiful place for the entire family to stop, relax and enjoy. Please note though that there are no children's playground features here like at other Cozumel parks as this one is all about nature! Take a look at {LINK INSIDER video of the Park} until you can get there yourself!

"FP&M Cenote Corner Park" - Playground from the 60's with Monkey Bars!
Hours: Daily - No Curfew Location: Calle 19 Sur &
Avenida 70
The Fundacion de Parques & Museos (FP&M) assisted with the establishment and adornment of this nice little corner park which is adjacent to the rustic Cenote area mentioned in the other listing. This is a great park to take the kids and have them experience a "60's style" playground where kids played hard and had the equipment to make them tough! Colorful, indestructible metal swingset, a big slide, monkey bars and metal framed see-saws are fixed throughout the park as well as a half court basketball area and a large gazebo. Lots of shade trees and benches, too. Great place to relax with a nice picnic meal!

"IslaMed Medical Clinic"
Location: AR Salas Between
Ave. 85 & 85 Bis
Colonia Flores Magon
Services: 24/7 Emergencies
Labratory Work
Ultrassound 4D
Services: Internal Medicine, Gynocology, Pediatrics, Surgery, Cardiology, Phsycology, Trauma
Phone: 987-869-6171

"Jehovah's Witness Churches"
Location: Avenida 65 & Calle 7 Sur
Avendia 115 & Juarez
Phone: 987-119-0830
Services: Daily 7pm - 9pm

Additional Services:
Tuesday's is translated for deaf & blind
Saturday 5pm - 7pm
Sunday - 12 pm - 2pm

"Library Park" - Lovely park next to library !
Amenities: All Cozumel Parks offer
FREE WI-FI internet
Location: Avenida Pedro Joaquín Coldwell
(formerly Avenida 30) between
Calles 8 and 10 Norte
Hours: Daily - No Curfew
Sitting right next to the Cozumel Library on one side and a church on the other, one would imagine this park to be very busy but often it's not. The convenience of this little park makes it a nice option after a trip to the library or after church or before crossing the street to shop at the Soriana Supermarket. The park is filled with palm trees that provide lots of shade, as well as park benches, a slide and playhouse in back and a gazebo. Buy some snacks at the supermarket across the street, sit back, relax and enjoy the view or read book in this lovely park.

"Prince of Peace Church"
Established: 1969
Services: Sunday - 10 am - Sunday School
Sunday - 6 pm - Evangelical Service
Wednesday - 7 pm - Prayer Service
Thursday - 7 pm - Family Service
Saturday - 7 pm - Youth Service
Location: Avenida Pedro Joaquín Coldwell
(formerly Avenida 30) between
Calles 4 & 6 Norte
Cozumel Prince of Peace Church

"Red Cross"
Location: Avenida 65 &
Calle 27 Sur
Across from
Ministerio Publico
Phone: 987-872-1058
Services: Medical Clinic &

"Secret Cenote Pocket Park" - Rustic Cenote Refuge!
Amenities: None
Clean but rustic
Location: Calle 21 Sur &
Avenida 75
Hours: Daily - No Curfew
Cenotes are all over the island and with the sprawl of the city continuing to grow, more and more of these will pop up in different neighborhoods. This small cenote and the surrounding area are maintained by the neighborhood in an attempt to deter vagrants from taking up residence there. The little park is very clean with pathways around the cenote but rustic and natural in every sense of the word. There are no amenities other than some basic handrails halfway around the cenote and a small pier where one can walk out over the water for better viewing. A nice place to enjoy lunch under the big shade trees and enjoy the view! AND...there is a real play park adjacent to it as well ~ see the other Cenote Corner Park listing.

"The D.I.F. Park on 55 Avenue" - Big Park with Daily Senor's Activities!
Amenities: All Cozumel Parks offer
FREE WI-FI internet
Location: Avenida 50 Bis &
Calle 3 Sur
Hours: Daily - No Curfew
A huge park in mid-town Cozumel that has a baseball field as well as 2 full soccer fields all surrounded by big beautiful trees. There is a play area for kids, lots of benches and a half basketball court. The park has been a neighborhood staple for decades but in 2006 the park was designated by the City Mayor, Gustavo Ortega, as the D.I.F. Park and several small buildings were constructed. One of the buildings is utilized for Senior Citizens of Cozumel to register and receive State retirement benefits. Another building has various rooms where Seniors can paint, do needlework, string hammocks as well as other arts and crafts. Dance lessons take place as well as singing and games among the Seniors. This park is only 1 block from {LINK /ISLAMAR Sherri's IslaMar Villas!} and is a frequent people watching hangout for guests staying in the villas!
CZM-West Coast - South Zone Area
"Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park"
Hours: Daily
8:00am to 4:00pm
Location: Carretera Costera Sur Km. 9 past Fiesta Americana Hotel
Food Service: 2 restaurants (Laguna & Bucaneros).
Website: Visit Our Website
Follow us on Twitter!
Pricing: Adults: $US 21
Kids 3-11: US$ 14
Kids under 2: FREE
This includes:
Sea lion show
Dolphin presentation
Manatee Exhibit
All Facilities
Services: Two restaurants, a snack bar, gift shops, bathrooms with showers, lifeguard, 3 dive shops with equipment rental, lockers, hammocks area, children's playground and other beach activities
Phone: 987-872-0833
Visit us on Facebook!
Visit us on YouTube!
Cozumel's oldest National Park area. View All Coupons
Down Town Area
"Centro de Salud"
Pricing: Approximately US $2.50 for a consultation Location: Avenida Andrés Quintana Roo (formerly Calle 11 Sur) and Avenida 20

"Cozumel International Clinic"
Location: Calle 5 Sur #21 between Avenidas Rafael Melgar and 5 Phone: (987) 872-1430 or (987) 872-1431 Fax: (987) 872-1848 or 01-800-700-2666
Mid Town Area
"Cozumel Fire Department"
Location: Corner of Avenidas Benito Juarez and 60 Phone: (987) 872-0800
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What a great Experience!!! We booked our excursions through this website with a slight bit of apprehension. We figured it would be safer to book through our cruise ship since this was our first time going to Cozumel. Boy am I so thankful we didn't. Our cruise ship (which we thoroughly enjoyed) had many excursions organized with tons of people in each excursion. By booking through INSIDER we were definitely given smaller groups to be with. We did the Atlantis Submarine excursion and we saved almost 100 dollars right there!!! We also booked a Resort Scuba with Eagle Ray Divers. We had 1-on-1 attention with Antonio (the owner), our own boat to go out on, and got personalized attention with the lesson/dive. I know if we had booked on the cruise ship there probably would've been many other people ...
Also, we originally booked a car rental for that Saturday morning. Jacqueline @ Cozumel Insider, called us at home prior to our cruise to inform us of some minor scheduling changes. She then suggested that the rental car may not be neccessary due to our number of excursions and our limited time. Due to her advice we cancelled our car rental which was the wise thing to do. This shows that this company has a lot of integrity and is not out there just to make a buck on the unsuspecting tourist. Next year we will definitely book through Cozumel Insider, we will recommend this company to all our friends, and we plan on booking with Antonio for more scuba next time!!!! M Carson ~ Tullahoma, Tennesseee

Thoroughly enjoyed my two nights of turtle liberation! I have a few jealous friends who are very keen! Do you know how I would go about doing additional turtle releases? Thanks again for all your help! C. Shepherd (October 2015) ~ Milton Keyes, Buck U.K.

Received your info and thank you for your prompt response! Telling friends and family about your services straight away! S. Beemer (March 2016) ~ Charlotte, NC USA

Dear Sherri,
Our family met you just a week ago when we arrived in Cozumel, a little overwhelmed and in need of a hotel. You gave us great suggestions and we had a lovely week at Hotel Cozumel. I wanted to write and thank you for all your time and consideration. We also followed your beach suggestions and had wonderful snorkeling. Thank you, Sherri, for taking the time with us. And thank you for your wonderful website. We wish you the very best in the New Year and always. Foley Family ~ Minnesota

Thank you SO MUCH for all the valuable information! I know we are going to have a wonderful time. We will be in Cozumel until 12:00 midnight so I am sure we will have plenty of time to visit the places you have mentioned. I hate we will not have the pleasure of meeting you! You have been so helpful with everything! The company you work for if very fortunate to have an employee such as you! You are truly an asset to them! Thank you again for everything and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Debbie Long :-) D. Long ~ Hampstead, NC

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