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Over There - Playa del Carmen - The Heart of Riviera Maya
Since Cancun's miles of high rise beach hotels didn't even exist until the 1980's, it's no wonder that small fishing villages like Playa del Carmen maintained a simple, slow paced way of life until around 2000 when real estate development really began to take off in all directions from the downtown area.

Before the big "sprawl," Playa del Carmen was known more for its ongoing connection and relationship to Cozumel. In ancient Mayan times, Playa served as the mainland departure point for Mayan pilgrims making the journey to give offerings at Cozumel's temples. This relation still exists today between Cozumel and Playa although the dug-out conoes carrying pilgrims have now been replaced with ferries filled with tourists.

Because of it's long history of being a terminal point for Cozumel crossings, Playa (as the locals call it) has a tradition of warmly greeting ferry passengers arriving from the island with their version of "fast food." Just beyond the pier there are traditionally dressed Mayan women lined up with colorful sidewalk stands of fresh cut fruit and yogurt just waiting for hungry arriving passengers. Then farther up the main plaza on the way to the bus station are the "torta (sandwich) stands." Here busy commuters can pick up a fresh made pulled pork torta and beverage before getting on the bus or hailing a taxi to go to the office.

Delicious Fresh Cut Fuit is a Playa tradition!Nothing like a

Aside from being a critical transport link for the island of Cozumel, Playa is considered the heart of the 100 mile long Riviera Maya since it sits mid-way between Cancun and Tulum. Nevertheless, it bears little resemblance to the mega resort filled Cancun nor to the just emerging, primitive area around Tulum. Playa is its own place, comfortable in its own bohemian, laid-back ambiance which makes it all the more irrestitable to travelers.

Simply stroll along the 5th Avenida pedestrian walkway where all the shops and restaurants are gathered and listen to an endless array of languages being spoken. Immediately one gets a sense of Playa's undeniable cosmopolitan flavor. During the daylight hours, the retail shops take the spotlight alongside a multitude of restaurants and bars to discover and enjoy and escape the heat of the day.

But the late night hours awaken a very different Playa where the walkways are jammed with club hoppers and music lovers of all kinds. Many of the bars are open air and dance floors sit right on the sandy beaches so the tropical breeze and smell of the ocean provide their own brand of intoxication for travelers.

Today Playa del Carmen boasts a population of more than 80,000 and enjoys over 1 million visitors annually.

Playa Del Carmen Accommodations - Hotels & Resorts
It was not long ago that Playa del Carmen accommodations alternatives were primitive, rustic and limited in selection. But nothing could be farther from the truth these days as Playa is literally surrounded by mega resorts and golf courses of the finest quality. In addition, there are also small inns, hostels and low cost accommodations to fit every traveler's budget!

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Getting to Playa del Carmen - Fly into Cancun Airport
Airlines Serving Cancun
Cancun Aiport
Cancun Airport Comfortable Waiting Areas
Cancun International Airport998-848-7200

Airlines with Terminals at Cancun International Airport
American Airlines1-800-904-6000
United/Continental Airlines998-886-0006
Delta Airlines 1-800-123-4710
Frontier Airlines 987-872-0847
Northwest Air 1-800-367-4700
USAir Airways 987-872-0847

Excursion Charter Airlines operating seasonal flights to Cancun
Apple Vacations
Sun Country
WorryFree Vacations

It IS possible to purchase AIR ONLY on these excursion charter carriers so read the fine print for great offers on AIR ONLY options!

List of ALL Airlines from ALL Countries flying into Cancun

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Playa del Carmen Transportation - Getting Around the Area
Taxi Services are reasonably priced in Playa because it is so easy to walk everywhere!
Playa del Carmen Car Rentals
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Jeep Wrangler - Automatic Transmission

Bus Services from Cancun
For the adventurous traveler there are many tourist site excursions on the mainland available by bus. It's a great (inexpensive) way to travel throughout the Mayan Riviera, however there are many pitfalls of which to be concerned.

Make sure you communicate with the driver ahead of time where you want to be dropped off. Some stops are not bus stations (like in Playa del Carmen) but just stops along the highway which are unmarked. The driver won't stop unless there is someone waiting at the stop or a request is made from a passanger to stop. So speak up if you need to exit the bus.

Rivera Shuttle Bus When purchasing a bus ticket, all you get is the bus ticket. Nothing is included in the form of admittance into the destination, tour guide, or translation of tour itself.

The best option for purchasing bus tickets is to either do so online if one is familiar with the bus line or simply purchase tickets upon arrival at the bus station in Cancun.

For travelers in Cozumel wanting to explore the mainland via bus there is an ADO (one of the most popular bus lines) Ticket office near the corner of Calle 2 Norte & Avenida 10 next to TELCEL store. Pass by to check schedules, destinations and/or approximate costs for budgeting purposes and to buy tickets.

The main bus station for Cancun is in the downtown area of Cuidad de Cancun in the business/commercial district. Across the street is a hotel and there are many nearby restaurants as well in case travelers want to linger awhile before venturing on to another destination.

Some approximate sample fairs and travel times from Cancun include:
(These are subject to change. Check for Tours to these places also!)

Destination Cost (Pesos) Travel Time
Merida 246 5 hour
Chetumal 228 5 hours
Coba 46 2 hours
Chichen Itza 140 3 ½ hours
Akumal 100 2 hours
Puerto Morelos 18 30 minute
Cancun 36 1 hour
Tulum 54 1 hour
F. Carrillo Puerto 144 2 hours
Xcaret 37 10 minutes
Xel-Ha 53 45 minutes

Typically there are 2 levels of bus service in Mexico, first class and coach. First class buses generally adhere closely to the maintained schedule and rarely have any stops between the departure and destination points. However, coach service can be quite different as schedules can and usually will deviate from stated departure and arrival times. Don’t be surprised if many spontaneous stops are made along the way to pick up passengers.

For those wanting to catch a glimpse of Cuidad Cancun and explore a bit, just jump on one of the public buses that pass on the streetside of the hotels. The public buses run frequently and go all over Cuidad de Cancun for just a few pesos. One favorite place to end up is PLAZA OF THE AMERICAS. If you do this, just plan on taking a taxi back into the Hotel Zone (i.e. take extra money for cab fare) it will be easier and faster. Have fun!
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 Cancun - Tulum Express
Visit this city that is icon of the Maya culture in the Mexican Caribbean and the only built facing the sea. Due to its amazing architecture and location on a cliff facing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea, Tulum is the third most visited prehispanic site in Mexico.
US$ 57.00 Adults / US$ 41.00 Kids
 Cancun - Tulum Xel-Ha' All Inclusive (Cancun Line)
Visit this city that is icon of the Maya culture in the Mexican Caribbean and the only built facing the sea. Due to its amazing architecture and location on a cliff facing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea, Tulum is the third most visited prehispanic site in Mexico.
US$ 159.00 Adults / US$ 79.50 Kids
 Dreams Puerto Aventuras - Dolphin Encounter
Dolphin Dreams is a privileged location which was designed to provide an exclusive experience for dolphin lovers. Different from the rest of the dolphinariums, this is the first one (1) in Quintana Roo to have kayaks within the activities with dolphins. The Encounter program is focused on creating activities that everybody can enjoy as the handshake, receiving a tender kiss or giving a soft hug to these incredible creatures. These activity along the kayaks, will make of this day a unique experience.
US$ 99.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Dreams Puerto Aventuras - Dolphin Royal Swim
This is the newest dolphinarium and by far one of the most exclusive ones. It is situated in the heart of Puerto Aventuras, in an exclusive luxury resort. It is a quiet and the ideal place to relax as the only distraction you will have are the charming beaches and exotic jungle. Not only this is an exclusive and unique location in Quintana Roo, but it also has amazing facilities so you can enjoy the activities that you will be able to enjoy with the dolphins. Among these activities you can enjoy the Kayaks, a total new experience and exclusively at this location, you can have fun on the kayaks with family or friends while the dolphins play and swim all your way.
US$ 159.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Dreams Puerto Aventuras - Dolphin Swim Adventure
Your next vacations will have it all as Puerto Aventuras gives you the perfect place to spend your vacations with pristine waters, sun and great activities to enjoy adventure in the best destination. This vacations will be memorable and the best experience of your life!
US$ 129.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Playa del Carmen - Dolphin Encounter
You and your children will be able to enjoy safe and fun activities that Dolphin Discovery Maroma has especially designed for all ages. The Dolphin Encounter Program is filled with informative and fun facts about the dolphins; you will learn everything about them in their own natural environment. This is the best program for kids as it is the ideal activity to introduce them to nature and respect for animals.
US$ 99.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Playa del Carmen - Dolphin Royal Swim
Dolphin Playa at Maroma stands in the beautiful beach of Maroma Adventure, one of the top ten places in the world. Our newest and largest dolphin habitat in the Mayan Riviera is located just 10 minutes driving from Playa del Carmen. Here you will be able to live an unforgettable experience, closely interaction with cute and friendly dolphins.
US$ 159.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Playa del Carmen - Dolphin Swim Adventure
Meet, greet and touch one of the most amazing marine animals of the Caribbean Sea, the dolphins that have captivated humans since we know they existed. The program has a great opportunity for an up-close interaction with our friendly and playful dolphins. You will learn everything you wanted to know about their diet, activities, behavior and many more facts. The Dolphin Swim Adventure program includes the famous belly ride. The belly ride consists of you holding on to the dolphin’s fins as he swims backwards. Beside this exciting activity, you will play with the dolphin, receive a kiss, a handshake and will learn how they sing and dance on the water.
US$ 129.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Riviera Maya - Dolphin Swim Adventure
Share a series of sensational and safe activities while establishing a unique bond of trust. With a handshake, kiss and belly ride will enjoy moments of great spontaneity during your free time together. It is an unforgettable experience!
US$ 129.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Riviera Maya - Dolphin Encounter
Enjoy a learning and interactive experience fun for all ages! A great way to introduce young and old to the wonders of dolphins and sea life!
US$ 99.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Riviera Maya - Dolphin Royal Swim
This most popular program can be described in two words: "action" and "speed". Get a handshake, a kiss and then you give them one. Feel the strength of your new friends as they push you across the water from the bottom of your feet in the thrilling foot-push. It is "the experience of a lifetime!"
US$ 159.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Riviera Maya - Tulum Express
Visit this city that is icon of the Maya culture in the Mexican Caribbean and the only built facing the sea. Due to its amazing architecture and location on a cliff facing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea, Tulum is the third most visited prehispanic site in Mexico.
US$ 57.00 Adults / US$ 41.00 Kids
Observe the dolphins doing their own thing!
Dreams Puerto Aventuras - Dolphin Swim Adventure

Dreams Puerto Aventuras - Dolphin Swim Adventure

Dreams Puerto Aventuras - Dolphin Encounter
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