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NUAFA Family Assistance Center
Supporting Families in Crisis ■ Developing Abilities to be Self Sufficient ■ Providing Childcare & Job Training

NUAFA (Núcleo de Apoyo Familiar means Heart of Family Support) is a small non-profit, grass-roots organization. NUAFA was formed in 2001 by seven local volunteers (teachers, pastors, housewives) to help single parents and their children affected by difficult family situations such as abandonment, abuse, divorce, drugs/alcoholism, homeless, rape and suicide. NUAFA operates on a shoestring budget, funded by donations. NUAFA provides a holistic approach helping ~ 20+ families for a recovery period of several months to become self sufficient.

NUAFA’s modest facility called “Casa del Alfarero” means House of the Potter (shaping lives).
It is located in San Miguel I, the heart of a low resource neighborhood.

 Based on Christian principles; welcomes all in need, regardless of religion
 Supports low income, single parent families without healthcare
 Provides childcare while parents work, seek jobs or learn skills
 Encourages education and training for a better future
 Provides individual and group counseling and classes
 Guides families to needed community resources
NUAFA’s current goals and efforts include:

1. Facilities Improvement
◄Kitchenette Bathroom►
“Before & After”
A recent construction project resulted in dramatic improvements to enclose a kitchen, bathroom, eating area & install running water!
Other facility related needs include a water storage tank, ceiling fan, food preparation equipment and chairs.

2. Enhance Childcare
NUAFA provides daycare for 20-30 babies and young children weekly. NUAFA is affiliated with SEDESOL, a social development branch of government that sponsors programs for special needs. NUAFA will begin receiving food coupons to provide one nutritious meal daily for children who qualify. In the past, milk, rice, beans and an egg were provided because donations did not stretch far enough to include fruit, vegetables or meat.

Food for feeding children is NUAFA’s largest operating expense and until recently they depended solely on donations to cover this cost. SEDESOL coupons will not cover the total food cost, but will supplement donations. NUAFA feeds 15+ children two meals daily @ US$2.50/day/child while other children only eat one meal/day at the shelter. NUAFA is striving to meet SEDESOL’s childcare standards (i.e. weekly educational themes, training for childcare providers, nutritious food, safety/sanitary practices, documentation to ensure families most “in need” are supported.) Volunteers are excited to incorporate an educational focus for childcare, but they lack learning resources.

3. Job Skills Training for Women
NUAFA was awarded a matching government grant to sponsor a 6-month job training program open to all women in the community to help them become employable in order to support their family. “Los Talleres” includes three different “shops” for training and on-the-job experience:

1) baking skills for jobs in a bakery or restaurant currently has 32 participants
2) sewing skills for jobs as seamstresses will begin teaching shortly
3) hair/nail care skills for jobs in a styling salon will also begin soon

NUAFA invites you to join their efforts by donating needed items or making a tax deductible $$$ gift.

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