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Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure Tour
Welcome to Jungle Adventure Cozumel Tours!

Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure Tour

Cozumel has millions of tourists arrive on the island every year! More and more often, they are looking for exciting, fun, dare we say extreme activities and adventures to make their island visit memorable! If this is the type of activity you are searching for when you come ashore for your tropical visit, then you will want to experience the Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure Tour. Located in the southern area of the west coast of Cozumel, you can be part of an adrenaline-pumping, private ATV off-road tour that will take you through Cozumel's exotic Mayan jungle on specially carved trails on the property.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the friendly staff and feel like a member of the family at Jungle Adventure Cozumel Tours. The dedicated team will show you the facilities, assist you in storing your personal items in the provided lockers, help you find just the right safety helmet and hand you a bottle of purified water as you begin to prepare for your Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure Tour! You will be assigned an experienced, knowledgeable and English speaking guide that will take you to your ATV and review a brief ATV safety and operational course with everyone before starting your tour, ensuring the group is familiar with how the ATV's work and covering what your tour will entail!

Now the adrenaline rush begins as you start your ATV, form an ATV caravan and follow your guide off into the dense, tropical vegetation of our exotic Mayan jungle. Your will ride along winding, travertine paths inside the dense Mayan jungle that lead to an open area where even more fun and action begins! You will find many unique spots throughout the Mayan jungle that are specifically designed for ATV off-roading consisting of dry, dirt pathways to wet and refreshing water zones (nothing like a nice cooling off) where you will definitely have a BLAST! As an added bonus, a popular part of the tour involves a challenging, fun and interactive ATV game that is led by your tour guide. Upon completion of the game, you will return to back to the main facility where you can clean up in the provided restrooms and shower areas, view some of the pictures that were taken during your Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure Tour and then grab a taxi and head back to your cruise ship or resort.

Make the Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure Tour part of your upcoming island experience! You will get your heart racing as you wind through Cozumel's Mayan jungle paradise and thoroughly enjoy yourself! Do not wait, book your Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure Tour TODAY"

Welcome to Jungle Adventure Cozumel Tours Jungle Adventure Cozumel Tours
is a family-owned business of 100% Cozumeleños that was founded in 2012 after the family with years of first-hand experience operating different tours here in Cozumel decided it was time to get together as a family and worked as a team to create and establish their own vision of various tour products and services. Jungle Adventure Cozumel Tours provides their Caribbean guests and visitors an incredible selection of exciting tour options, activities and adventures!

"Our mission is to offer all of our guest’s unique and unforgettable tours and experiences so as to insure that all visitors have a one of a kind vacation.."

Activity Specifics

Name: Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure Tour
Provider: Jungle Adventure Cozumel Tours
Availability: Requires a MINIMUM of seventy-two (72) hour reservation request!
Includes: ATV Rental.
Safety Helmets (Mandatory).
English Speaking, Experienced, Knowledgeable and Trained Guides.
Restrooms, Showers and Lockers Provided.
Purified Bottled Water.

NOTE: Riders should bring suntan lotion, sunscreen or sunblock; towel and change of clothing; insect repellant; sunglasses; etc.
Schedule: Daily @ 8:30am / 10:30am / 12:30pm EST (Island Time)

Total Tour Time: Approx. 2 hours on the property that includes safety and operation class and jungle adventure tour.
Pricing: Cozumel ATV Jungle Adventure Tour (2 Hours):
Double Riders - US$ 79.00 (Includes IVA)
Single Rider - US$ 59.00 (Includes IVA)
Payment: Reservation Deposit is REQUIRED to Confirm Tour Booking:
Double Riders - US$ 15.80 (Includes IVA)
Single Rider - US$ 11.80 (Includes IVA)

Note: Remaining Balance Due Upon Arrival:
Cash - US Cash, MX Pesos
*Credit Cards - Visa or MasterCard

**Note: Credit cards are accepted, but will be converted to MX pesos (exchange rates can vary) on your card statement.

***Note: Remaining balance payments paid by Credit Cards - please ALWAYS notify your financial institution in ADVANCE when traveling outside your home country to avoid issues with using your card during your travels.
Restrictions: *Note: Minimum of two (2) participants to schedule tour.
**Note: Minimum age to participate in the tour is six (6) years of age.

All riders must be 12 years or older.
All drivers must be 16 years or older with a valid drivers license.
No alcoholic beverage consumption before or during ATV tour portion. Inebriated guests will not be allowed to drive ATVs and will forfeit their tour fee.

Riders must be on time for tour departure. In the event that a customer is late beyond a reasonable amount of time and misses the start of the tour, rider will forfeit their participation and the cost of the tour. We may, at our own discretion, offer to re-schedule the tour if availability allows.
Location: Riders are responsible for transportation TO / FROM the property which is approximately a 10 - 15 minute taxi ride from all 3 cruise ship piers or the town area of Cozumel.

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Sure Hope You Aren't Allergic to a Little Water!
Just Having a BLAST!
Forging Through the Jungle Trails!
Cool Off After Your ATV Ride in Our Lounge Area!
Ready for Some EXTREME Fun!
Store Your Gear in Our Provided Lockers!
Moving Out for Some Incredible Fun!
Should We Really Follow the Leader?
You Will Receive Personal Tour Instructions!
Oh My - Not Sure This is a Good Thing???  HaHa!
Lounge Area for Relaxing Before or After Your Ride
Look Out for Wild Hog Crossings!
What Are We Waiting For - Let's Get IT GOING!
Even in a Rainstorm - JUST TONS OF FUN!
Personal Experiences
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Hi Martin and thank you for the photos! Dave had a blast on the fishing trip and cannot stop bragging about the fish he caught. Next time he catches one like that, we are cooking it! Javier is a total sweetheart and we will definitely be using him as a resource in the future. D. Corelis (March 2016) ~ Albuquerque, NM USA

Thank you so much, we had a wonderful time at both adventures. Jungle Adventures took great care of us. They went above and beyond to ensure our day was a success. Thanks again to Alex, Javier and family. We also enjoyed Angel Jimenez tour with the snorkeling. Very laid back, not crowded or rushed just an absolutely perfect day!!! And we ate the best conch ceviche at El Cid. We did not have time to visit PalMar but it is on our list for next time. Thanks to all and I will be giving great reviews on trip advisor so if there is a way to work in Cozumel Insider....I will!!! Natalie & Robert (March 2016) ~ Humble, TX USA
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