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2009 Marine Turtle Salvation Program Supporters Campaign
We Need Your Donation to
Keep the Turtle Salvation Program going for the 2009 Season!

Cozumel Friends & Turtle Lovers !!

Turtles eyes cry tears when out of the sea
As most of you know, Cozumel is trying to survive in the midst of a global economic crisis as well as recover from a two month total shutdown of tourism activities due to the influenza outbreak here in Mexico. The Municipio of Cozumel is hard pressed to maintain basic city services and announced a 60% budget cut for the Turtle Program in April 2009 just as turtle nesting season was beginning.

The Turtle Salvation Program Director, Rodrigo Navarro, along with Committee members and dedicated volunteers are doing their best to keep the Turtle Salvation Program going with what little funding is available. However, financial supporters are needed to help complete the season. I had planned to organize a fundraiser for the Turtle Program's 2010 season and will no doubt do so in January or February of the coming year. But the last minute budget cuts have left the Turtle Program in dire straits for the 2009 Season and we need your help now.

As a result, this announcement is being sent to launch an Emergency Fundraising Campaign
to secure immediate supporters/funding for the Marine Turtle Salvation Program's 2009 Season.

Mother turtle making her way back to sea
The Cozumel Marine Turtle Program is pleased to announce that already a long time supporter Casa Gordon has stepped up with a US$ 1,250 donation to help cover gasoline costs for the 2009 season. Going to the other side of the island and patrolling back and forth all night for nests uses alot of gasoline which typically is paid for by the City or bridgade groups. But this year, folks haven't had much work and money is tight all around so some brigades can still donate manpower and vehicles for use but not cover gas costs. This donation by Casa Gordon will help ensure the Turtle Program can continue its work all the way through November.

In addition to Casa Gordon's generous donation, IslaMar Vacation Villas has donated US$ 1,000 to assist with biologist salaries for the 2009 Season. Also, many tourist volunteers have wanted to help the brigadistas this season so we have collected almost US$ 700 in donations from these volunteer tourists as well as some of our most used, basic supplies. But we need additional funds and supplies to help the volunteers make it through the end of the season and we are asking you to help by donating whatever you can for this cause.

Please email as soon as possible with whatever donation you can spare.

And remember, you can easily donate and participate as a Turtle Supporter for 2009 from the USA & Canada as well from here on the island so don't let distance be a barrier!! It's easy so email your donation pledge and we will make arrangements with you on how to best get the funds here to the Turtle Program!!

The Cozumel Marine Turtle Salvation Program actually began over 25 years ago as a grassroots effort by a few concerned individuals who wanted to help the nesting turtle population of the island survive widespread poaching.  Despite little or no funding and limited manpower over the years, the Turtle Salvation Program continues to grow and produce amazing results.

Every season now, over 75 volunteers divide into brigades and work every night from May 15 until November 15th protecting the turtles and their nests.  Each year the brigades record amazing hatch rate statistics that show this species is not yet ready to leave this planet and deserves the best possible chance we can provide for its survival.

I personally have been working the beaches in the Turtle Salvation Program for 12 years now. I serve on the managing Committee and as a brigade leader who goes out each week with the volunteers one night a week from 10pm until dawn. I can attest first hand to the long hours that all the volunteers give to Cozumel's Turtle Salvation Program. It would be a great loss for Cozumel and the community to have to discontinue this conservation effort.

You can read more about the activities and results of The Turtle Salvation Program over the years as well as this season's results so far by clicking here

We, of the volunteer Managing Committee, kindly ask all of you to please become a supporter of the Turtle Salvation Program by donating to this Emergency Fundraising Campaign and taking a more active part in helping conserve one of Cozumel’s most precious treasures:  the nesting sea turtles.

Please email as soon as possible with your donation of any size. Every donation of any size is most appreciated and critical to the Turtle Program's survival this season.

Please pass this on or forward to anyone you feel might be interested in donating to help the Turtle Salvation Program of Cozumel in this 2009 Season!!

Thank you for your consideration and support!
Show me Turtle Supporters & Donor List for 2009

Sherri Davis

Cozumel Marine Turtle Salvation Program Volunteer 1998 - 2009

Volunteers work hard but with rewards!Volunteers measuring the size of a turtleVolunteers checking hatch rate of a nest



LORA  Recognition Certificate
Public Thank You on website
$50-999 Pesos
(US$ 5 - 99)
CAREY Recognition Certificate
Public Thank You on website
1 Turtle Program T-shirt
1000-2,999 Pesos
(US$ 100 - 299)
BLANCA Recognition Certificate
Public Thank You on website
2 Turtle Program T-shirts
Recognition with logo on website
3,300- 4,999 Pesos
(US$ 300 – 499)
CAGUAMA Recognition Certificate
Public Thank You on website
3 Turtle Program T-shirts
Recognition with logo on website
5,000 – 14,999 Pesos
(US$ 500 - 1,499)
LAUD Recognition Certificate
Public Thank You on website
4 Turtle Program T-shirts
Recognition with logo on website
More than 15,000 Pesos
(US$ 1,500+)

*** NOTE: Sherri Davis volunteers her efforts as a service to the Turtle Salvation Program and receives no portion of donations made.

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