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Friends of Cozumel - Helping Families, Women & Children!

Friends of Cozumel was created to assist families and the Cozumel community and is comprised of a network of friends, family, donors, volunteers and colleagues who share a passion in assisting those in need in Cozumel. The focus of the organization is to connect people and resources to:

  • Promote volunteerism and develop local leadership skills
  • Support education and learning for both youth and adults to develop skills to help themselves
  • Benefit both individuals and families who require assistance
  • Benefit the community by leading projects related to health, safety, environment and culture

    Friends of Cozumel began initially in 2003 and was an extended family effort of Karen & Larry Pederson and Phyllis & Gary Larsen to give back to the community that both families had fallen in love with initially as frequent vacationers to Cozumel. Karen and Phyllis are sisters and what started as a small family effort has now grown into a source of interest, volunteer talent and resources. A number of years ago, they started a newsletter to assist them in identifying community needs, express appreciation to both volunteers and donors, report how donations are used and to promote and provide project updates. This quickly grew into the “FRIENDS” website and is the primary source of communications now amongst the volunteers and donors.

    Their ongoing project called Mission Weeks is a large part of the efforts of the organization. These planned weeks allow visiting volunteers the opportunity to participate in the efforts of the organization. Travelers can plan vacations around these scheduled events as they occur throughout the year. The webiste has detailed information on the dates, times and options of how Cozumel visitors can participate as well as lots of great information on what is needed to support the volunteer efforts of the organization. Click for more information about how you can volunteer and participate with Mission Week Trips!

    Friends of Cozumel projects are coordinated by the organization leaders and consist of short-term projects that occur all year long which only require a few hours of each volunteer's time yet provide critical assistance and support to Cozumel individuals, families and local non-profit organizations that have demonstrated a willingness to help improve their own situation. These projects are chosen for areas within the community that are known to have very limited resources. The projects can consist of:

  • Distributing food, clothing, shoes, household goods and/or health supplies to Cozumel families in need.

  • Holding “Gran Bazars” which are like garage sales and provide families the opportunity to purchase donated items at affordable prices with the proceeds going to varouis Cozumel non-profit organizations.

  • Providing school supplies for children. While attending public school is free in Cozumel, families are required to furnish the learning supplies, uniforms and shoes. Without assistance to obtain the learning materials, those families who are unable to afford the required suppllies often end up having to decide which of their children can attend school.

    Donations: Assist Friends of Cozumel with continuing their ongoing efforts in supporting Cozumel families in need ~ especially women and children by MAKING A DONATION!

    For More Information:
    Karen Pedersen:
  • U.S Cell 515-249-3060
  • Cozumel Cell 987-564-4830
  • Cozumel Local Phone – 987-869-2049
  • Friends of Cozumel Website
  • Find them on Facebook

    ACS is now Cozumel Volunteer Connection

    If you have general questions about other volunteer opportunities or community service organizations that benefit the community of Cozumel, contact
    Volunteer Connection:

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