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Cozumel Island Map & Reef Creature Identification Cards
Franko Cozumel Maps & Identification Cards

Frank Maps - Your Best Map of Cozumel
There is no better tool for exploring the island than an informative, accurate Cozumel map! The Franko Cozumel Map is very detailed, information packed and makes a great planning tool for your island vacation. The Franko Cozumel Map marks city streets, beaches, dive sites in addition to many hotels, resorts and restaurants all over the our beautiful island. Purchase your map here on our website and in a few days the beautifully detailed map will arrive and you will quickly have it opened across your desk or kitchen table as you chart your vacation paths around the island.

The Franko Cozumel Map has two (2) sides:

  • Side One (1) provides a detailed view of the entire island showing the location of each of the major reef areas for scuba diving or snorkeling, in addition to our many beaches all around the island. There is also a fish identification section on this side.

  • Side Two (2) includes several views including a zoom view of downtown San Miguel which details the streets, plus there is a detailed view of the west side (the populated side) of the island with a background on the reefs of Cozumel.

  • Franko Reef Creatures Identification Cards

    There is no better tool for exploring Cozumel's beautiful reefs than with our Franko Reef Identification Cards. These are incredibly handy as you snorkel or dive along Cozumel's pristine reefs and as you come across the many fish and sealife creatures, you will be able to quickly identify them, knowing their names and be able to provide this information when you are sending out the photos to make all your friends and family jealous of what they missed not coming to Cozumel with you! These Franko Reef Identification Cards are also two (2) sided, just like the Franko Cozumel Map.

    There are four (4) Reef Creature Identification Cards:

  • Franko Cozumel Fish Identification Card - The front side shows a mini version of the Cozumel map while the back side showcases photos and the names to help you identify the many fish that you will discover in the local waters of Cozumel.

  • Franko Sea Turtle Life Cycle Card - The front side explains the entire life cycle of the sea turtle while on the back side you will see pictures of the seven (7) types of sea turtles and more detailed photos of the turtle throughout their life cycle.

  • Caribbean Sharks & Rays Identification Card - The front side shows the larger sharks to be found in the Caribbean waters and the back side has additional sharks and the three (3) types of rays found in the waters around Cozumel.

  • Franko Mexico-Caribbean Fish Identification Card - The two (2) sides show pictures of the many marine life here in the Caribbean and this is "PERFECT" for the diver or snorkeler to take underwater as they explore the reefs around the island.

  • All Franko Cozumel Maps and Reef Creatures Identification Cards are printed on durable plastic paper so that they are waterproof and rip-proof, virtually indestructible! The use of this durable plastic material is just right for touring the island, walking around town, hiking or relaxing on the beach or for under water while diving or snorkeling! These maps, sea turtle and fish cards are a MUST HAVE for those coming to Cozumel (and they make great souvenirs and mementos of your island vacation)! Order yours IMMEDIATELY so you can start planning your vacation adventures in Cozumel!

    Cozumelinsider is the exclusive distributor for these maps and fish cards here in this area and we always help with the revisions and updates to keep the map as current as possible

    If you are already on the island, you can find our products the following retail locations - just click on the link!

    Local Cozumel Retail Store Locations for
    Franko Map Products - Click Here!

    Item Specifics

    Name: Cozumel Island Map & Reef Creature Identification Cards
    Provider: Franko Maps
    Availability: Note: Due to the ever-changing nature of the locations, map appearance and information may change without notice. Cozumelinsider is the Regional distributor for Franko Map products, provides updates and revisions frequently and always carries the newest edition of all guides and cards.
    Pricing: NON-Folded (Suitable for Framing) Cozumel Map (12" x 18") US $10.95
    Folded Cozumel Map (25.5" x 16.5") US $8.95
    Cozumel Fish Card (6" x 9") US $6.95
    Sea Turtle Life Cycle Card (6" x 9") US $6.95
    Caribbean Sharks & Rays Card (5.5" x 8.5") US $6.95
    Mexico-Caribbean Fish Card (4" x 6") US $4.95
    Shipping & Handling: USA Shipping ONLY:
    Add $ 3.75 to orders of fish cards/folded maps ~ any quantity.
    Add $ 10.00 to orders of NON-Folded Flat Maps shipped in tube.

    BEST VALUE for tubed map shipments is to order several (that fit in a single tube) and share with friends or give as birthday or holiday gifts!

    Shipments are made following receipt of prepayment - please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

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    Mexican-Caribbean Fish Card - Front Side
    Mexican-Caribbean Fish Card - Back Side
    Franko Maps - Cozumel Map Back Side
    Franko Maps - Cozumel Map Back Side Inset
    Franko Maps - Cozumel Map Front Side Inset
    Sea Turtle Life Cycle Card - Front Side
    Sea Turtle Life Cycle Card - Back Side
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    I thought I would let you know that my maps were in my mailbox yesterday when I got home. I looked them over quickly and they look awesome!!! I can't wait to look them over really well this weekend!!! Perfect service Jacqueline you have been wonderful to deal with, I thank you for your patience in answering all my questions and the maps only took 5 days to get to me!!! WOW what a great system you have, and after a hurricane that tore you all apart I still got service like this.....BRAVO!!!! You will be recommended to everyone I hear is heading your way!!!! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, I can't wait for Feb. to come meet you or your employees!!! K & J Steiskal ~ Owatonna, MN

    I am delighted to say that I received my maps today, and love them. Thanks for a great website. Hope to sign up for the 45-minute Dolphin Encounter as soon as our trip is coordinated. K. Roberts ~ Waco, TX

    Just received my beautiful map yesterday in the mail. The shipping was extremely fast and the laminated map is just wonderful. Although I know my way around pretty well, I like to have a reference just in case. I can't wait to use it when I am in Cozumel next month. Thanks! Natalie N ~ Memphis, TN USA

    Thank you very much - I got my map yesterday and it's everything that was promised - I'm most pleased! R. Metituk ~ Wembley, Canada

    I got my beautiful map today and it is great -- thanks! It is for hanging on the wall in my daughter's room. They both look forward to visiting Cozumel again some day if we can. Kay H. ~ St. Louis, MO
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