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Cozumel Island Events Calendar
Cozumel Has Lots of Fun Events All Year!
Here is a handy Calender of Events for Cozumel with dates and links to lots of great information to help with your vacation planning so you can pick a fun time to be on the island for your next vacation getaway! Just click on the name of each of the holidays or events for complete descriptions of Cozumel's way of celebrating and hopefully this handy chart will be helpful as you plan your next trip of our beautiful Island of Cozumel!

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2016 Dates Holiday, Event or Observance 2017 Dates
Jan-01 New Year's Day Jan-01
Jan-06 Day of the Holy Kings Jan-06
Feb-01 Day off for Constitution Day Feb-06
Feb-02 Candlemas Day Feb-02
Feb-03 to Feb 10 Carnaval (Carnival) Feb-22 to Mar-01
Feb-05 Constitution Day Feb-05
Feb-09 Fat Tuesday Feb-28
Feb-10 Ash Wednesday Mar-01
Feb-14 Valentine's Day Feb-14
Feb-24 Flag Day Feb-24
Mar-18 Oil Expropriation Day Mar-18
Mar-20 Palm Sunday / Holy Week Apr-09
Mar-20 March / Spring Equinox Mar-20
Mar-21 Day Off for Benito Juarez's Birthday Mar-20
Mar-21 Benito Juarez's Birthday Mar-21
Mar-24 Maundy Thursday / Holy Week Apr-13
Mar-25 Good Friday / Holy Week Apr-14
Mar-26 Holy Saturday / Holy Week Apr-15
Mar-27 Easter Sunday / Holy Week Apr-16
Apr-16 to Apr-17 Cozumel Air Show TBD
Apr-18 to Apr 19 Playa Azul Invitational TBD
Apr-28 to May-03 Cedral Festival TBD
Apr-30 Children's Day Apr-30
May-01 Labor Day / May Day May-01
May-05 Cinco de Mayo May-05
May-05 Ascension Day May-25
May-10 Mother's Day May-10
May-15 Teacher's Day May-15
May-15 Whit Sunday Jun-04
TBD Cozumel's International Billfish Tournament TBD
May-15 to Oct-28 Cozumel's Annual Marine Turtle Nesting/Hatching/Monitoring Season May-15 to Oct-28
TBD Cozumel's Lionfish Tournament TBD
TBD Sacred Mayan Journey Channel Crossing TBD
May-26 The Feast of Corpus Christi Jun-15
Jun-01 to Sep-15 Annual Whale Shark Migration Season Jun-01 to Sep-15
Jun-05 2016 Cozumel's Municipal Elections N/A
Jun-05 2016 Cozumel's State Elections N/A
Jun-19 Father's Day Jun-18
Jun-20 June / Summer Solstice Jun-21
N/A 2018 Cozumel's Federal Elections N/A
Aug-01 to Aug-31 Holbox Island's Annual Giant Manta Ray Migration Season Aug-01 to Aug-31
Aug-15 Assumption of Mary Aug-15
Sep-11 to Sep-18 2016 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Cozumel TBD
Sep-15 Shout of Dolores Sep-15
Sep-16 Independence Day Sep-16
Sep-21 to Sep-29 Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel Sep-21 to Sep-29
Sep-22 September / Fall Equinox Sep-22
Sep-30 to Oct-02 MetLife Cozumel Ironman 70.3 TBD
Oct-12 Columbus Day or Day of the Race Oct-12
Oct-31 Halloween Oct-31
Nov-01 All Saint's Day / All Hallows Day Nov-01
Nov-02 All Soul's Day / Day of the Dead Nov-02
Nov-7 to Nov-13 Cozumel's Fall Culture Week TBD
Nov-11 to Nov-13 GFNY Cozumel TBD
Nov-20 Feast of Christ the King Day Nov-26
Nov-20 Revolution Day Nov-20
Nov-21 Day off for Revolution Day Nov-20
Nov-24 American Thanksgiving Day Nov-23
Nov-24 to Nov-27 Ford Ironman Cozumel TBD
Dec-08 Feast of the Immaculate Conception Dec-08
TBD Cozumel Scuba Fest TBD
Dec-12 Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe Dec-12
Dec-16 to Dec-24 Las Posadas (The Inns) Dec-16 to Dec-24
Dec-16 to Dec-24 La Rama (The Branch) Dec-16 to Dec-24
Dec-21 December / Winter Solstice Dec-21
Dec-24 Christmas Eve Dec-24
Dec-25 Christmas Day Dec-25
Dec-28 Day of the Holy Innocents Dec-28
Dec-31 New Year's Eve Dec-31
Handy Cozumel Annual Events Calendar Compliments of ~
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