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Cozumel Dive Jamanta Dive Trips, Snorkeling & Instruction
Cozumel is one (1) of the top scuba diving destination in the world that enjoys almost 1 million divers annually visiting the island and there are over 100 dive operations to serve them. If you prefer one-on-one, dive shop owner/operator contact when you dive, then Dive Jamanta just might be the place for you!† Uriel and Michelle own and operate Dive Jamanta and provide a unique, relaxed diving experience.† Highly personalized scuba diving service and attention to all the details of successful, safe dive trips makes Dive Jamanta's reputation one of quality and service!

Dive Jamanta As a couple Uriel Navarro and Michelle Dickson have made their Cozumel dream into reality by starting Dive Jamanta. Uriel's Cozumel experience began with what was supposed to be a three (3) day vacation. But after taking his first dive with an Instructor/friend, Uriel simply never left the island. His passion for diving had him certified as a PADI Divemaster only four (4) months later and then after working as a Dive Master in another shop for almost two (2) years Uriel become a Dive Instructor and decided to open his own dive operation. Michelle is a teacher and came to Cozumel to teach English in the schools but with her passion for diving, she also became a Divemaster and works side by side with Uriel handling administration and sales for Dive Jamanta while Uriel works in the water and on the boats.

Uriel and Michelle say "Come dive Cozumel's beautiful reefs with us!"

Jamanta Dive focuses its dive trips within Cozumel's coral reserve which is protected by the National Marine Park of Cozumel and they fully comply with the regulations of diving in this protected area. Dive Jamanta is dedicated to showing clients an unforgettable dive experience. Clients will enjoy crystal clear water, amazing corals and sea life, marine animals and a hassle free dive. Your scuba diving tours are offered from the beach or a choice of fast or slow boat. All of Dive Jamanta's staff are PADI certified Dive Instructors so for those new to diving or wanting to get certified to dive, a range of PADI scuba courses is available to suit all needs. Dive Jamanta dive trips are designed for small groups so that divers can have a more personalized, safe, enjoyable and memorable experience in Cozumel.

If diving holds no appeal, then Dive Jamanta also offers snorkel tours that the whole family can enjoy. The snorkel trips feature three (3) amazing coral reefs with plenty of sea life and snacks are included.

Jamanta Dive also works with Padi Dive Instructor Miguel Angel Reyes with whom Uriel and Michelle have a close friendship. Miguel has more than 8 years experience as a Dive Master and Instructor in Cozumel. Miguel is also an excellent underwater photographer and videographer.

Here are some of the great dive and snorkel trips Dive Jamanta offers!

Three Reef Boat Snorkel Trip US$ 65 Adults / US$ 50 Children 5 - 15 years

For the Certified Scuba Diver
  • Beach Dive - 1 Tank: US$ 54
  • Beach Dive - 2 Tank: US$ 84
  • Beach Night Dive - 1 Tank: US$ 54 (dive-light rental extra)
  • Boat Day Dive - 2 Tank: US$ 89
  • Boat Twighlight Dive - 2 Tank: US$ 99
  • Boat Night Dive - 1 Tank: US$ 84 (dive-light rental extra)

    Great Savings on Dive Jamanta's Multi-Day Dive Packages!
  • 3 Days, 6 tanks: US$ 237
  • 4 Days, 8 tanks: US$ 296

    Dive Certification Courses:
  • Discover Scuba Diving - Beach - US$ 89
  • Discover Scuba Diving - Boat - 2 Tanks - US$ 129
  • Open Water Diver - US$ 420
  • Adventure Diver - US$ 380
  • Advanced Open Water - US$ 420
  • Emergency First Response - US$ 179
  • Rescue Diver - US$ 399
  • Divemaster - US$ 750

  • Activity Specifics

    Name: Cozumel Dive Jamanta Dive Trips, Snorkeling & Instruction
    Provider: Dive Jamanta
    Includes: SNORKEL TRIPS: Mask, fins, snorkel and flotation vest.
    Fruit and Water
    And the $ 27 peso Federal Marine Park usage fee (about US$ 2.50) per day for anyone taking part in water activities inside the National Marine Park.
    Includes: DIVE INSTRUCTION: tanks and weights, towels, snacks and water
    Certification courses- includes all materials.
    Includes: DIVE TRIPS: Tanks, weight belt, regulator, mask, fins and certified PADI Divemaster.
    Fruit and Water
    And the $ 27 peso Federal Marine Park usage fee (about US$ 2.50) per day for anyone taking part in water activities inside the National Marine Park.

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    Experience the deep blue of Cozumel with Jamanta!
    Controlling Bouyancy is Critical in Diving!
    Another one of Cozumel's reef creatures!
    Look mom ~ I was diving with a turtle in Cozumel!
    Take an underwater stroll in Cozumel with Jamanta!
    Cozumel diving at its finest!
    Personalized dive instruction from Uriel
    Are you  ready for great diving in Cozumel?
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