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Dallas Margarita Society’s VolunTOURism Benefits School Children
In the Fall, Cozumel Volunteer Connection was pleased to assist and coordinate yet another outstanding example of VolunTOURism benefiting school children of Cozumel.

Dallas Margarita SocietyThe Dallas Margarita Society (DCC) sponsored “Kruise for Kids 2007”, a cruise for their members that arrived in Cozumel on Saturday, August 18th. Their very generous donation included over 40 backpacks, a case of solar calculators, numerous other school supplies as well as US $240 in cash.

Volunteers from Cozumel Volunteer Connection (then ACS) partnered with the Dallas Margarita Society to receive the donations, to recruit local volunteers to inventory supplies, purchase supplemental supplies locally with the cash donation and distribute the donations to those in need.

Big Smiles & Happy Faces Galore thanks to DMS!Twenty backpacks with all the required school supplies were presented to Gasper Carillo Cervantes, Director of “Jose Vasconcelos”, a technical middle school for youth ages 12-15. These backpacks were given to first year middle school students from families with very limited resources who can not afford to purchase supplies for their children.

DMS school supplies  helped many Cozumel families!Twenty-one backpacks with supplies were distributed by Eloisa Buenfil Rivero, local project coordinator, to elementary and middle school students from various schools whose families receive support through NUAFA. NUAFA is a non-profit organization that helps low income, single parents with children overcome challenging family situations (i.e. abuse/abandonment, alcoholism/drugs, homeless). It was the first time for both of these organizations to receive this type of significant donation to benefit education for children.

In addition to the two organizations above, approximately 60 packets of extra school supplies have been distributed during the past three weeks to other children (kindergarten through high school) in the community. The Cozumel Chrysalis Group also received a cash donation to support educational resources for one elementary school student for one year. University students studying English and the language learning lab at the University of Quintana Roo here in Cozumel will benefit from donated English dictionaries.

As a result of an excellent "VolunTOURism" effort coordinated locally by Cozumel Volunteer Connection, donations of school supplies from the Dallas Margarita Society (DCC) are benefiting approximately 100 school children as well as educational institutions and community organizations in Cozumel.

What is the Dallas Margarita Society?

Dallas Children's CharitiesThe Dallas Margarita Society, Inc., (d/b/a. Dallas Children's Charities) was formed in 1977 when a small group of business acquaintances decided to host a holiday party for associates and friends. The Society is a non-profit charitable organization whose mission is twofold. The first is to provide disadvantaged Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex children with gifts at Christmas time and the second is to help those community organizations that work with underprivileged children throughout the year.

A few of the organization's accomplishments are ~

  • DCC has given thousands of children a head start with school supplies.

  • DCC has donated over 4,000 teddy bears for the Child Advocacy Center in Dallas and Collin Counties.

  • DCC have purchased thousands of books to encourage children to read and have given hundreds of refurbished computer systems to kids to continue their education.

  • Over 48 computer wishes have been granted by DCC for Dallas area children with life-threatening diseases.

  • DCC has sponsored numerous community events from KwanzaaFest to JuneTeenth celebration. The Dallas Margarita Society is the major sponsor for the Love For Kids, Inc. December ranch party providing a day at the Circle R Ranch in Lewisville, TX for 3,500 children.

  • DCC has provided school uniforms for hundreds of children who could not afford them as well as thousands of toys for children and agencies that assist the children we support.

    To learn more about their organization and activities visit Dallas Margarita Society

    Cozumel Volunteer Connection says "A BIG TEXAS COWBOY HATS OFF!" to the Dallas Margarita Society (DCC) for their support of Cozumel school children and education!

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