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Communication & Technology
Need Cell Phone Coverage in Cozumel?? This Info Should Help!

Cell phone coverage in Cozumel was extremely limited in the past and very expensive for all users and most especially for travellers with a cell phone from another country. Folks would bring their cell phones thinking they would function only to arrive and find cell coverage simply wasn't available for their phone or that they could receive calls but not initiate calls out. Fortunately times have changed and technology abounds on the island now.

Since the hurricane destruction of 2005 brought the need to install new cell phone towers, Cozumel now has state of the art, extented range cellular towers that interface with several US based cell coverage providers. If travelers pay their US cell providers for a month of international call usage prior to departing for Cozumel, it typically means a vacation hassle free of trying to figure out how to stay in touch back home without paying a fortune to the internet cafes and calling houses.

And now, some cell phone plans in the US don't even require the purchase of anything additional in order to make calls while outside the US. It's always best to check in advance with your cellphone provider to ensure you understand what the costs of using your cell phone will be while in Cozumel or Mexico. Once that detail has been determined, cell phone providers can also typically advise you how to dial numbers when in a foreign country. However, the information below reflects most cell phone providers' dialing methods while in Cozumel or Mexico.

Dialing Instructions From Cozumel / Mexico
Dialing from a US Based Cell While in Cozumel / Mexico

Dialing Back to the USA: 001 + area code + number
Dialing a Cozumel Cell Phone: 011 + 52 + 044 + 987 + number
Dialing any other Mexico Cell Phone: 011 + 52 + 045 + area code + number
Dialing any TELMEX Land line in Cozumel / Mexico: Dial 011 + 52 + area code + number

International Calls from a Cozumel / Mexico TELMEX Land Line
Dial 00 + country code + area code + number
(EXAMPLE: USA would be 001 + area code + number)

International Operator Assisted Calls
Dial 090

Long Distance (within Mexico) to another TELMEX Land Line
Dial 01 + area code + 7 digit number

To Local Cell Phone (same area code as TELMEX Line)
Dial 044 + same area code + 7 digit number

To Long Distance Cell Phones (within Mexico)
Dial 045 + different area code + 7 digit number

Country Codes
1 = USA
44 = Great Britain
39 = Italy
33 = France
53 = Cuba
54 = Argentina
49 = Germany

Area Codes
987 = Cozumel
984 = Playa del Carmen
998 = Cancun
999 = Merida

Cozumel Internet Connections & WI-FI

Most all hotels, vacation rentals and condos now offer FREE internet service for guests in their facilities and most have WI-FI coverage as well. There are many parks in Cozumel now with FREE WI-FI as well as restaurants.

In addition there are numerous internet cafes and calling houses where internet access is available for a nominal charge by the hour.

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