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Travel Tip 4 Ė Explore Cozumelís Underwater World
C.J. Gustafson, Freelance Writer and Photographer

I have a friend who says that Cozumel is just like many other Caribbean destinations except for the snorkeling and diving. I disagree strongly. Cozumel has a unique blend of rustic fishing village, Mexican identity with strong Mayan influences, and a Caribbean setting to add some spice. You don't find that combination many other places, and the result is a comfortable and safe island with people who welcome visitors and approach life as an experience to be enjoyed and savored.

But I do agree with my friend's view that if you come to Cozumel, you must explore the amazing underwater world. I'm sure you've heard it before - Cozumel is home to the world's second largest barrier reef, with beautiful coral and a host of spectacular creatures. Once you slip on that mask and get below the surface of the water, you become part of this exciting world of fish, turtles, seahorses, rays, and all the other animal life that lives in the turquoise waters.

Not only that, the water clarity is remarkable, so you get a really good view of all of these wonders, even while floating on the surface 20 feet above. And this underwater world is available to visitors regardless of their budgets since some of the best snorkeling on the island can be found right in front of the hotels or at public beaches.

Snorkeling requires very little practice. Many people are swimming around like pros after just a few minutes. The key is to get good equipment that fits correctly and doesn't leak. If you feel nervous about how you will react in the ocean, practice in the pool at first or simply stand waist deep in the ocean and stick your head under the water while you get used to breathing through the tube. I have found that flippers really help you move through the water easier and keep you from tiring out as quickly.

Diving in Cozumel is almost as easy. Because of the excellent conditions and places to dive, some of the best in the world are here to help you learn. You can be diving under the supervision of a dive master the same day that you receive your instruction. When picking a dive outfit, talk to experienced divers and go with those that are highly recommended. Cheaper is not always better when it comes to diving services and safety.

For those who want something in between, snuba provides the ability to go up to 20 feet below the surface, without the more involved training and equipment needed for diving.

Friendly Fish
Does the idea of swimming in the ocean with all the critters make you nervous? There are very few creatures in the waters of Cozumel that will attack you without provocation. While the schools of smaller fish will come close to you and even swim right with you, they will not bite you, and in fact, it would be difficult to touch one if you tried.

Even the larger fish would rather avoid you. A barracuda may look ferocious, and their curiosity might make them approach you for a closer look, but you are not his idea of dinner. (Read about my Barracuda Adventure.)

Just can't bring yourself to get in the water? At the very least, take a tour in a glass bottom boat. With the wonderful water clarity, you will be able to see many of the same things as those who are in the water.

With all the different ways to explore Cozumel's underwater world, you should find something that fits your budget and comfort level. Don't let fear of the unknown keep you from experiencing this underwater world that truly is one of the most unforgettable aspects of the island. In my opinion, snorkeling and diving aren't the only reasons to come to Cozumel, but they are certainly something you don't want to miss.
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