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The Cozumel Chrysalis Group
Dedicated to helping children in need achieve their full potential!

The Chrysalis ButterflyThe Cozumel Chrysalis Group is a non-profit organization that helps enable children to receive an education. There are many families in Cozumel who lack the financial ability to send their children to public school.

Chrysalis assists students from these families who show a desire to better their lives through education. Mexican public school students are required to pay fees for registration and special exams in addition to providing their own uniforms, classroom supplies and some books. The financial scholastic support and materials provided by Chrysalis directly benefit the students so they can focus on learning and achieving their potential.

Did you know?
  • Walking to schoolSending a child to school through 6th grade costs about $100 US per year.
  • Mexican students are obligated by law to attend school only through 6th grade. If a child drops out of school after 6th grade, the cycle of poverty is perpetuated. Continuing education into secondary and preparatory school is critical to breaking this cycle.
  • Sending a child to 7th grade or beyond costs about $220 US per year, approximately a month's pay for one parent.
  • English is taught at the 7th grade level. Learning English in this tourist based economy opens the doors of opportunity for students and allows them to earn a better living.
  • Food, shelter and other necessities come before education for many families.
  • Many children are forced to quit school to help support their families by working as maids, busboys or other low paying, labor intensive jobs with little hope of other opportunities.
  • Families faced with the difficult decision of determining which of their children they can afford to send to school often select their son(s). Some parents feel girls do not need as much education as boys.
Our goal is to ensure children receive basic education essential to help them succeed in life by working in partnership with the schools, local merchants and donors.
  • Chrysalis began in 1995 when a handful of American women living on the island provided financial assistance for 10 elementary school students.
  • Chrysalis has grown involving local nationals, educators, Cozumel residents from various nationalities and with the generous help of visitors to Cozumel.
  • School KidsCurrently we sponsor approximately 200-300 students annually ages 7-18 in primary, secondary and preparatory schools.
  • Chrysalis members work on a strictly volunteer basis and receive no salary.
  • Chrysalis works with the schools to help identify qualifying students and encourages their families to take responsibility for completing registration and financial information. Home visits performed by school social workers and financial aide officers are part of the process.
  • No money changes hands between Chrysalis and the students' families, ensuring all assistance Chrysalis provides is used solely for students' educational needs.
  • Packets of school supplies are provided to designated students at the beginning of the school year.
  • Chrysalis contracts with local merchants for discounted prices and prepays the purchase of shoes and uniforms for each student.
  • Special registration and exam fees are paid directly to the schools.
You can make a difference in a child's life! There are many ways to support Chrysalis.
Donate School Supplies
  • Backpacks
  • Basic Calculators
  • Scientific Calculators
  • Blunt end scissors
  • Individual pencil sharpeners
  • Liquid White Out
  • White (Ink) Erasers
  • Colored Markers (8-10 per pack)
  • Colored Pencils (8-10 per pack)

    PLEASE NOTE: Cozumel students receive a very specific list of supplies they must bring to class, which Chrysalis provides. Each year Chrysalis receives many school supplies that are not on this list. These items are either added to our garage sales and sold for a minimal fee, or they are donated to other charitable organizations. We so appreciate all donations, but especially those we can put to use with our own students.

    Donate Clothing
  • Clean, gently used or new clothing - Clothes and other items are sold at a nominal price to provide local residents with inexpensive clothing while raising funds for school supplies. Children's clothes are hot items but clothing for all ages is appreciated! Other items that sell well include: good condition tennis shoes (all sizes), jeans, lightweight jackets and washable sweaters in the winter, bags, toys and children's books in English or Spanish.
    Donation Drop Off Sites
  • Dropping off school supplies, used clothing and financial donations is easy at one of several Chrysalis drop off sites.

    Central downtown locations:

    Tony Rome's Restaurant
    Located on Avenida 5 Between Calles AR Salas and 3 Sur
    Tony Rome's is open daily 11am - 11pm

    Hotel Aguilar
    Calle 3 Sur between Rafael E. Melgar and 5 Avenida

    South of town location:
    Paradise Beach Located 9 miles south of downtown and 5 miles south of the International Cruise Ship Pier.
    Open daily 9am - 6pm

    If it is not convenient for you to drop off donations at one of the above sites, please email and confirm your travel dates, lodging or location you will visit and the type of donation you are bringing so a Chrysalis volunteer may pick up your donation.
  • ***Please attach your/your organization's name, email, and mailing address to donations to ensure Chrysalis has the necessary information to acknowledge your gift.*** Sponsor a Child or Make a One-time Donation
    • Make a one-time contribution of $100 US per elementary (primary) student or $220 US per junior or high school (secondary or preparatory) student to provide assistance for one year of education.
    • For additional information about the Sponsorship Program or other donations visit The Chrysalis Website.
    • Donations to Chrysalis can be designated for purchase of supplies, to sponsor one or more children or to the general fund. Donations may be made in cash or checks payable to: Cozumel Chrysalis Group. Even the smallest donation is appreciated.
    • Donations may be sent to Cozumel:
      Cozumel Chrysalis Group
      PO Box 449
      Cozumel, Q Roo, Mexico, 77600 or dropped off at one of the locations identified above
    • Donations can also be made online via Paypal
    Support Chrysalis Fundraising Activities
    Garage Sale
    • Visit the Chrysalis booth and buy beads, masks and novelty items during Carnaval, Cozumel's largest fiesta usually held in February.
    • Sponsor an event in your organization to benefit Chrysalis. Examples: dive clubs have held fundraisers and collected school supplies; church groups have sponsored used clothing drives; businesses have held silent auctions to sell computer equipment to employees, matched employee contributions and donated proceeds to Chrysalis.
    • Local fundraising activities are held periodically cosponsored by local businesses.
    Volunteer Your Time…for a single event or an ongoing basis
    • Join the fun and volunteer to work at the Chrysalis booth during Carnaval (usually in February) selling beads and masks. Or offer to help out at a garage/used clothing sale held at various times throughout the year. You need not be a Chrysalis member…a perfect volunteer opportunity for visitors to the island.
    • Chrysalis needs volunteers for a few hours during specific times of the year to assemble packets of school supplies, help register students, etc. Can you lend a hand?
    If you have questions or need additional information about Chrysalis, donations or volunteer opportunities visit The Chrysalis Website

    ACS is now Cozumel Volunteer Connection

    If you have general questions about other volunteer opportunities or community service organizations that benefit the community of Cozumel, contact
    Volunteer Connection:

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