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2004 Carnaval Fundraising - "Thank you!"
February 2004

American Community Donors

On behalf of the children of Cozumel and the Carnaval Committee, I would like to thank each one of you for your generosity and participation in our Carnaval 2004 Fundraising Campaign. What an incredible year we've had with existing donors increasing their contributions and many new donors stepping forward this year to make the campaign a success! In this, our fifth year, I am pleased to report the American Community of Cozumel has generously pledged to donate over US$ 9,000 to our Carnaval 2004 Campaign. Not since "pre-9/11" had we even been close to raising our US$ 10,000 goal so I hope this is an indicator of what future campaigns will bring!

As I have explained before, these funds are distributed through the teachers in the school systems and go toward reducing the costs associated with a child participating in a school dance group for Carnaval. The funds you have provided don't make it "free" for each child but makes it more affordable for everyone. By reducing the costs, more children can participate in Carnaval each year. Carnaval 2005Cozumel's Carnaval is a family event where children's activities are just as important as adult activities.

The islanders know that those who participate in Carnaval at a young age will remain "Carnavaleros" all their lives and help keep Cozumel's Mexican island traditions alive for generations to come. So by subsidizing dance groups and costumes we are helping to ensure that island traditions of Carnaval continue as we know them today.

There are many activities each week starting in January and continuing until Carnaval weekend so check the Calendar of Events and consult the printed programs I will be distributing as they become available. The printed Carnaval 2004 Program focuses on the children's dance competition activities and also gives the main dance and parade dates and times. Plan to attend as many events as you can so you can see the results of your donations at work!!

This organized campaign and your contribution to it goes a long way in showing the families of Cozumel that Americans do more than just live and work on the island - we also give back to the community in positive ways. Thank you again so very much for supporting this cause. I look forward to seeing you enjoy Carnaval 2004!!

If you have any questions about Carnaval activities, please contact me at 869-0504.


Sherri N. Davis

Coordinator - American Community
Cozumel Carnaval Committee 2000 - 2004

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