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BoneFish Car Rental Cozumel - VW Convertible (4 Pax)
Rent an old Style VW Convertible from BoneFish Car Rentals in Cozumel (formerly Less Pay Rentals) and have a great ride for your island vacation!

BoneFish Car Rentals is locally owned and operated by Gabriel and Chucho, the long time employees of the now defunct LessPay agency that served Cozumel for over 30 years. These former employees are now off on their own with affordable, functional rental vehicles at value driven prices. In 2014, Gabriel and Chucho formed BoneFish Rentals and their location moved about a block from where they were for decades but the friendly smiling faces of Gabriel and Chucho are still here every day to greet you!

Locallly Owned & Operated for Decades! There was a time in Cozumel when the "Big Guys" like Hertz, Budget and Alamo didn't see Cozumel as an attractive market and didn't even operate here. Fortunately for island visitors, there were the entrepreneurs like John who scouted the mainland for good quality used fleet cars that could be brought to Cozumel for rentals. Even with all the rental car competition today, BoneFish sticks to the same stragegy: offer good quality, used fleet cars at affordable prices.

Rental Specifics

Name: BoneFish Car Rental Cozumel - VW Convertible (4 Pax)
Provider: BoneFish
Availability: Requires a MINIMUM of seventy-two (72) hour reservation request!


Liability - Third Party Damage Coverage = US$ 12.00

Collision (Auto) Damage with US$ 1,000 Deductible = US$ 15.00

Additional Driver: US$ 6.00
Amenities: Old Style VW Convertible (Standard) Car Rental
Rates: DEC 24 - FEB 29:
Daily US$ 30 Rental + US$ 12 Liability + 16% IVA = US$ 48.72

MAR 1 - DEC 23:
Daily US$ 25 Rental + US$ 12 Liability + 16% IVA = US$ 42.92
Restrictions: Rates are CASH PRICE only
Credit Card Payments ADD 7%

NOTE: Pick up and drop off office is walking distance from DOWNTOWN cruise ship pier Punta Langosta. Those arriving at SOUTHERN ship piers will need to take 5 minute taxi (approx. US$ 8 per 4 persons) to get to the office location.

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Have Fun in a Great Traditional Style VW's!!
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We had a great time in Cozumel ~ the Jeep we rented from Bonefish was a Blast ���� B. Cailler (October 2016) ~ Litchfield, ME USA
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