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Blueway Car Rental Cozumel - Jeep Wrangler (Standard) 5 Pax
Cozumel car rentals are affordable at Blueway Car Rental agency and enhance your vacation experience by giving travelers the ability to see more of the island in a shorter period of time. Blueway offers various types of car rentals as well as mopeds and provides top notch customer service as well.

The Jeep Wrangler rental cars have 2 doors & standard transmission with soft top.
MAX PAX: 5 People.

Best Rentals in Town! Serving Cozumel travelers for decades with quality rental cars, Blueway is dedicated to excellent customer service!

Rental Specifics

Name: Blueway Car Rental Cozumel - Jeep Wrangler (Standard) 5 Pax
Provider: Blueway Car Rental
Promotion: Support a locally owned Cozumel business ~ Book with Blueway!!
FULL Coverage with US$ 1,500 Deductible: US$ 35.00

OR Select the Elements of Coverage Desired:
Additional Driver: US$ 7.00
Collision (CDW) with US$ 1,500 Deductible: US$ 15.00
Liability - Third Party Damage Coverage: US$ 13.00
Capacity: Holds Maximum 5 People
Rates: US$ 60 Daily + 16% IVA

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A great way to see the island!

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