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Cozumel Beach Bum Bikes - Tours & Rentals
Beach Bum Bikes!

Welcome to Our Beach Bum Bikes Store!
Cozumel is well known for its tropical beauty, sandy beaches, coral reefs and stunning waters. Many tourists visiting the island annually are looking for ways to experience these wonders up close and personal. While there are many tour options available to our island visitors, what if there was a unique option to tour Cozumel with a silent, non-polluting way that will allow you to traverse the various paths across the island? Until recently, your sole option would have been walking the paths and roads of the island by foot. Now, with the arrival of Pedago Cozumel Home of Beach Bum Bikes in Cozumel, you have a green-friendly alternative to touring the many beautiful sights of our island by an electric bike.

Your Pedego Electric Bike Await You!!Beach Bum Bikes in Cozumel provides their riders with a Pedego Electric Bike that has a silent, powerful, "electric" motor. The Pedego bike allow riders to both pedal normally AND to use the bike’s motor to power along effortlessly. Each rider will pick from a variety of bike helmets and from two (2) styles of Pedego Electric Bikes, both coming in various colors. The Beach Bum Bikes' staff will fit the right people to the proper equipment. Your bike can maintain a maximum speed of 20mph/35kmh without pedaling or if you want to go faster, start pedaling to increase your speed! But seriously, YOU ARE ON VACATION, so chill, relax, slow down and take in the beauty of Cozumel. Really, why would you want to work any harder than you have to?

Cozumel Beach Bum Bikes
Your tour options for an electric bike excursion around Cozumel!

Biking in Punta Sur Eco Beach Park!

All-Inclusive Punta Sur Eco Beach Park Tour
This six (6) hour tour of Cozumel's Punta Sur Beach Park is INCREDIBLE!
Click below for details

Punta Sur Eco Beach Park Tour

Biking Along the East Coast of Cozumel!
East Coast Bike ONLY Road Tour
This four (4) hour tour along the windward coast is STUNNING!
Click below for details

East Coast Bike ONLY Road Tour

Relax and Snorkel After a Short Bike Ride
West Coast Bike AND Snorkel Tour
This three (3) hour tour along the leeward coast is our MOST RELAXING!
Click below for details

West Coast Bike AND Snorkel Tour

Regardless which Beach Bum Bikes' tour option you might choose, after you have experienced our unique, non-traditional excursion of touring on a Pedego Electric Bike and seeing the many amazing places on our beautiful island with the friendly staff of Beach Bum Bikes, you can scratch off this wonderful experience from your "Bucket List" and we look forward to seeing you soon to book another tour with Beach Bum Bikes to discover additional locations around our Caribbean island paradise!

Beach Bum Bikes also offers bike rentals for traveling around Cozumel. To rent your own Pedego electric bike (no tour) while vacationing on the island, go to Beach Bum Bike Rentals and explore beautiful Cozumel at your own schedule and pace!

Established: 2014
Amenities: Electric Bicycles with Baskets or Saddle Bags
Safety Helmets
Liability & Collision Insurance
English Speaking, Knowledgeable Guides
Bottled Water

NOTE: Riders should bring suntan lotion or sunscreen, bathing suit, towel, sunglasses, etc.
Hours: Daily
Sunday thru Saturday
Rates: Punta Sur Adventure Eco Beach Park Tour (6 Hours):
US$ 89.00 (Includes IVA & Transportation)

East Coast Bike ONLY Road Tour (4 Hours):
US$ 59.00 (Includes IVA & Transportation)

West Coast Bike AND Snorkel Tour (3 Hours):
US$ 39.00 (Includes IVA)
Location: West Coast Tour - departure is from the store location near San Miguel

East Coast Tours* - transportation to/from the store location near San Miguel to the southern tip of the island is provided for these tours.
Other: All riders must be 12 years or older.
All riders must be must be physically able to ride a bicycle.
All riders must be in good physical condition.
No rider can exceed 280 lbs. (127 kgs.)

Partners Ed, Jeremy & MiguelRecommended by an Insider!Managing partners Ed Meyers, Jeremy Meyers and Miguel Fuentes formed Beach Bum Bikes a few years ago in Cozumel, initially downtown and then relocated to current store Spring of 2014. Ed and Jeremy bring their vast knowledge of Pedego Electric Bikes as the exclusive tour vendor for Pedego and partnered with Miguel, a Cozumel native. Miguel is the local face of Beach Bum Bikes and with the support of a dedicated team of drivers, mechanics and tour guides, the staff at Beach Bum Bikes is ready to show you the most unique, eco-friendly way to discover Cozumel.

"We want our riders to be completely satisfied with their experience and our services and we will do everything we reasonably can to be flexible to meet or exceed their expectations."
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