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What Kind of Cozumel Traveler Are You?

As Cozumel continues to grow and develop as a travel destination, there will always be a wide variety of people on the island at any given time enjoying Cozumel in their own certain way. Day visitors, cruise passengers and extended stay guests all find Cozumel to be an attractive place to kick back and enjoy the Caribbean!

As a destination travel guide of course, Insider tries very hard to serve this wide variety of visitors with comprehensive, useful information about Cozumel and the surrounding areas. But needless to say, in our attempt to be of use to everyone, the website itself just keeps growing....and growing with information!

So if you've stumbled upon our website somehow and are sitting there staring at the colorful screen wondering just where exactly to begin tackling all this incredible information that Insider provides, we hope you'll find our Types & Quiz here below funny, fun and helpful!

And remember, this was prepared simply for fun and amusement so don't take it too seriously!
Now just sit back and have a good laugh as you identify yourself on the Types of Cozumel Travelers list!

Types of Travelers Visiting Cozumel

The Day Trippers
Day Trippers visit Cozumel for just a day or so at a time and they arrive from the mainland or by cruise ship. How can you spot one?

times they:
  • wear a bikini with a fancy cover-up, high heels and make-up walking down Melgar
  • wear balloon hats from Margaritaville
  • walk down Melgar carrying 7 ft. tall towers of genuine plastic YARD TALL glasses from Carlos n Charlies as if they are worth something
  • prefer that everyone just speak English clearly
  • try to use a credit card to buy tacos at a food cart
  • want the best deal on buying the essentials—Kaluha, vanilla and diamonds
  • ask for directions to Senor Frog’s at 10 a.m.
  • are harassed unmercifully by vendors while walking by shops on the plaza

    The Week-Long Warriors
    Week-long Warriors are vacationers who may stay on the island.

    ’re the folks who may:
  • arrive with lots of luggage with scuba or snorkel gear and shoes that will seldom be worn
  • have various stages of sunburn and peeling trying to get the maximum vacation tan
  • reluctantly check their email in the Internet cafes
  • wear an armband from an all-inclusive resort
  • sport fading henna tatoos from an earlier night's alcohol induced desire to "ditch it all & go rogue"
  • pay the taxi driver whatever they suggest Are YOU One??  Take Our Test & See!
  • know some basic Spanish words which are rendered useless under the weight of a foreign accent or drawl
  • think it would be kind of exciting to see a hurricane come this way
  • go home exhausted

    The Parakeet Heads
    These perpetual Cozumel visitors make multiple or extended visits.
    They spend most of their time wishing they were Parrot Heads.

    can identify them because they:
  • buy beer by the case
  • proudly wear an already faded Cozumel t-shirt purchased two plus years before
  • get to know the Parrot Heads to get the insider’s scoop on the best, cheap taco places
  • rent houses or apartments “way back in town” instead of staying in a hotel
  • gaze for extended periods at house-for-sale signs in realtor’s office windows
  • know just enough Spanish to get into trouble
  • may have a real tattoo instead of the henna ones that only last a week
  • remember the waiter’s name at last year’s favorite restaurant

    The Parrot Heads
    Parrot Heads are full-blown addicts who live in Cozumel.

    ’s not unusual for them to:
  • appear dazed, confused and horrified by cold weather. They define cold as 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • strive to wear the minimal number of clothing pieces, believe underwear is optional and support the NBZ (No Bra Zone) concept
  • care very little for what other people think of their appearance. They own no clothing that is its original color
  • crave fresh reading material
  • get excited over discovering chocolate chips at the grocery store. They’ll let their best friends know first, then post the find online.
  • know the time-honored secrets of humidity and mold management
  • know that an appointment is not likely occur at the time or on the day it was scheduled
  • bribe visiting friends to bring their favorite brand of peanut butter and feminine hygiene products
  • - avoid the tourist zone when cruise ships are in
  • are ignored by vendors when walking near a shopping area

    Which One Are You?
    Don’t know which kind of Cozumel Traveler you are?
    Take the Insider handy quiz to give yourself a clue!

    . How do you typically buy your beverages while in Cozumel?
    a. by the yard
    b. a cold 6-pack, please
    c. a warm case is fine
    d. no need to buy - my bodega is fully stocked from the last trip to Sam’s Club

    . What’s in your suitcase when you arrive in Cozumel?
    a. hair dryer
    b. depth gauge
    c. 6 thick novels
    d. plumbing parts

    . What does your tan look like?
    a. no lines—I went to a fake and bake place
    b. pink and peeling
    c. dark and even
    d. who cares?

    . Where do you typically eat your evening meal in Cozumel?
    a. a restaurant on the waterfront
    b. the buffet at my hotel
    c. a taco place off Avenida 30
    d. my kitchen

    . When something is supposed to happen “soon,” when do you expect it to occur?
    a. in 5 minutes
    b. in 30 minutes
    c. later today
    All else fails ~ use Mexican Sunblock! d. next Wednesday, providing that today isn’t Monday or Tuesday

    . Which best describes your clothing while in Cozumel?
    a. Mostly new--for poolside and going out dancing
    b. T-shirts with dive shop logos from other places
    c. in need of a wash
    d. faded things I’m sick to death of

    Tally Your Score to See What Part of the Website to Visit First!

    Scoring Results:
    Mostly a’s - are Day Trippers Vist the Day Visitors Section first!
    Mostly b’s—you’re a Week-long Warrior Vist the Stay Visitors Section first!
    Mostly c’s—You’re a Parakeet Head Vist the Stay Visitors Section first!
    Mostly d’s—You’re a Parrot Head Vist the & Parrotheads Section first!

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