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Over There - Akumal
A spectacular half moon bay is home to Akumal!Akumal travel packages offer the beauty of Cancun beaches without all the glitz and glam of a major resort town. Located just 15 minutes south of Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya coastal highway Akumal, Mexico is a small tranquil resort town nestled inside a half moon shaped bay.

One couldn't ask for a more laid back atmosphere nor friendlier local people than those Akumal provides as hosts to travelers. With its palm trees and beautiful white sandy beaches, Akumal is a quiet, relaxing paradise and one of the most tucked away gems in the Riviera Maya. Seems an incredible feat since historically speaking, Akumal is where the very first bungalows for tourist were constructed along this coastal highway long before Cancun was designed and built. Despite its longevity in tourism services, for those travelers seeking a calm and quiet getaway on the mainland, Akumal is definitely the place to go.

Beach cabanas gives Akumal an authentic feel!Akumal is situated on 3 beautiful bays and features pristine tropical reefs, caves and underground rivers for travelers to enjoy. Most recently the dive sites that sit in front of Akumal have come into the spotlight of divers because of their ever present population of sea turtles on the reefs. In Mayan, "Akumal" actually means "land of the turtles". So it comes as no surprise that visitors can find a variety of sea turtles as well as other forms of amazing marine life on Akumal's beautiful coral reefs and underwater walls.

Just north of Akumal is the spectacular, environmentally protected Yalku Lagoon filled with fish, corals and sea life which is ideal for snorkeling. At present, the Yalku Lagoon area is set up in a rustic fashion with minimal amenities and a nominal admission fee is charged. Insider recommends visitors make it a point to take advantage and see this pristine, natural sight now since it is slated for major development in the near future.

Simply put for now: Akumal is tranquil therapy for the soul.

Getting to Akumal
At present the most viable option for travelers to get to Akumal is to fly into Cancun.

From the Cancun airport visitors will take either a shared ride taxi or a bus service for the 1.5 hour trip to Akumal.

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For those going to Akumal by bus from the airport, remember to check the bus schedules for getting from Akumal back to the Cancun airport. Please make no assumptions and do check this at least a couple of days PRIOR TO the planned departure date as bus schedules and routes change frequently. Have fun!

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Some Great Tours / Excursions in & Around Akumal!
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 Design Your Very Own Custom Mainland Tour!
Tired of visiting the sights as part of the "herd?" Cannot find an excursion that exactly fits how you'd like to spend your day on the mainland? No problem! COZUMELINSIDER can custom design a mainland excursion just for you and your group!
From US$168
 Cancun - Speedboat Tour
Come and enjoy our most popular and exciting tour, in which you will be driving your own two-person speedboat through the majestic mangrove channels of the Nichupté lagoon (Cancun). You will reach the beautiful “Punta Nizuc,” part of the world’s second-largest coral reef where you will have an unforgettable snorkeling experience while admiring the unbelievable marine life.
US$ 69.00 Adults / $ 49.00 Kids
 Dreams Puerto Aventuras - Dolphin Royal Swim
This is the newest dolphinarium and by far one of the most exclusive ones. It is situated in the heart of Puerto Aventuras, in an exclusive luxury resort. It is a quiet and the ideal place to relax as the only distraction you will have are the charming beaches and exotic jungle. Not only this is an exclusive and unique location in Quintana Roo, but it also has amazing facilities so you can enjoy the activities that you will be able to enjoy with the dolphins. Among these activities you can enjoy the Kayaks, a total new experience and exclusively at this location, you can have fun on the kayaks with family or friends while the dolphins play and swim all your way.
US$ 159.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Dreams Puerto Aventuras - Dolphin Swim Adventure
Your next vacations will have it all as Puerto Aventuras gives you the perfect place to spend your vacations with pristine waters, sun and great activities to enjoy adventure in the best destination. This vacations will be memorable and the best experience of your life!
US$ 129.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Playa del Carmen - Dolphin Royal Swim
Dolphin Playa at Maroma stands in the beautiful beach of Maroma Adventure, one of the top ten places in the world. Our newest and largest dolphin habitat in the Mayan Riviera is located just 10 minutes driving from Playa del Carmen. Here you will be able to live an unforgettable experience, closely interaction with cute and friendly dolphins.
US$ 159.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Playa del Carmen - Dolphin Swim Adventure
Meet, greet and touch one of the most amazing marine animals of the Caribbean Sea, the dolphins that have captivated humans since we know they existed. The program has a great opportunity for an up-close interaction with our friendly and playful dolphins. You will learn everything you wanted to know about their diet, activities, behavior and many more facts. The Dolphin Swim Adventure program includes the famous belly ride. The belly ride consists of you holding on to the dolphin’s fins as he swims backwards. Beside this exciting activity, you will play with the dolphin, receive a kiss, a handshake and will learn how they sing and dance on the water.
US$ 129.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Riviera Maya - Dolphin Swim Adventure
Share a series of sensational and safe activities while establishing a unique bond of trust. With a handshake, kiss and belly ride will enjoy moments of great spontaneity during your free time together. It is an unforgettable experience!
US$ 129.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
 Riviera Maya - Dolphin Royal Swim
This most popular program can be described in two words: "action" and "speed". Get a handshake, a kiss and then you give them one. Feel the strength of your new friends as they push you across the water from the bottom of your feet in the thrilling foot-push. It is "the experience of a lifetime!"
US$ 159.00 Adults / US$ 89.00 Kids
Design Your Very Own Custom Mainland Tour!
Observe the dolphins doing their own thing!
Playa del Carmen - Dolphin Swim Adventure

Cancun - Speedboat Tour
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